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Description: One of those Logos I was excited about and thought would be an easy one for me... WIP. I'm liking it now finally after many attempts.

Status: Work in progress

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logomotive said on Nov. 06 '10

What do you guys think. Pupil dark or blind eye like this http://dribbble.com/shots/75774-Dwd
I'm definitiely leaning for blind eye considering no light of the deep sea.???

lumo said on Nov. 06 '10

you've got some mad skills man.

Rokac said on Nov. 06 '10

Pupil dark.
Btw nice fish:)

logoses.com said on Nov. 06 '10

great illo

JoePrince said on Nov. 06 '10

Pupil dark for sure.

logomotive said on Nov. 06 '10

Thanks for input guys, now I'm really confused. I'm still leaning towards light pupil. If you have looked at these deep she fish the have no pupil and Blinded by the light.
So 2 to one so far.

lumo said on Nov. 06 '10


Pierro said on Nov. 06 '10

I also have a black pupil, the error is seen, but bubbles are also additional, the whole work is interesting.

JF said on Nov. 06 '10

Blind eye is better; more accurate, gives attention to the Angler Fish's light. I think you were on the right track with that one.

AlexWende said on Nov. 06 '10

I like the blind eye better, looks cooler imho.

Hayes Image said on Nov. 06 '10

Blind eye for me too...to compensate with the pressure of those depths a lot of sealife have an extra thick film over their lenses (not too different from cataracts). Also I'd imagine that if they had large, unprotected pupils whilst lighting up their fluoroscopic parts it would let too much light in - damaging the retinas.

logomotive said on Nov. 07 '10

Thanks Guys. I guess it's up to the client now but I totally agree with you Hayes. My exact reasoning and thoughts.

michaelspitz said on Nov. 07 '10

Again, great stuff Mike! :)

logomotive said on Nov. 07 '10

Thanks Michael and Type 08, I believe the Blind eye is the direction that will be taken.

jerron said on Nov. 07 '10

I agree with that direction.

bigoodis said on Nov. 07 '10

Great fish Mike :)

Hayes Image said on Nov. 07 '10

I also like how you've incorporated the Registered mark into a bubble trail. :)

Mikeymike said on Nov. 07 '10

so sweet, Mike. great character.

JF said on Nov. 07 '10

Glad I could help.

itsgareth said on Nov. 07 '10

Mike this is an awesome illustration. Have you tried adjusting the levels so that the colours are darker? I think this may increase the depth and make the light more apparent but that's just my opinion. Either way it looks great. Well done mate :)

niangi said on Nov. 07 '10

I really like this, and when I looked at the one with the light pupil, I liked it more. Have you considered not having any pupils at all? When I think of angler fish, I always think of the one from Finding Nemo, it's lack of pupil gave it this powerful feel, because you can't tell where it was looking... Great job! I'm new to LP and I'm loving your work.

logomotive said on Nov. 07 '10

My bad JF yes, Thanks You and Hayes saw my vision :)
Gareth, I know exactly what you mean I struggled with that for a while. This project was hard because of the light /dark issue. I had to come up with a happy medium to make make it work on Black and White BG's.
As far as the pupil goes IMO tI think it needs some life :) and the Blind eye has just the right bit.

matjak said on Nov. 07 '10

Top job Mike.

mcdseven said on Nov. 08 '10

great illy mike.

deiv said on Nov. 08 '10

Logomotive owns deep water :) great work on mark, mate

logomotive said on Nov. 08 '10

Thanks guys. Deiv No desire for the DeepSea pretty scary down there :)

vasvari said on Nov. 08 '10

Hi! Nice work Mike ;)

fosterbarker said on Nov. 08 '10

Great illustration Mike. Happy medium on the eye is perfect (I'm assuming this is the one). Understand the struggle from a literal standpoint, but ultimately the darker eye makes it more inviting as an illy, and the fat that it's not 100% black still shows that its visionally impaired. Awesome job! You managed to make one of the nastiest looking creatures of the sea aesthetically pleasing. You got talent brutha!

pjmaster said on Nov. 08 '10

Looks great!

milou said on Nov. 08 '10

The mark is so crazy Mike!

logoboom said on Nov. 08 '10

I like the blind eye. Draws the viewing eye to the light. Very nice.

myway999 said on Nov. 09 '10

awesome, Mike!

Alexander said on Nov. 09 '10

Very strong mark man. I love this one. ^floated/ fav'd.

atomicvibe said on Nov. 09 '10

This is one badass illy. But just out of curiosity, is there even a need for a pupil at all? I realize you're taking a few creative liberties with your rendition, but deep sea Anglerfish don't have visible pupils...do they? At least not in the pictures I've seen. The pupil adds personality, yes, but not having it eliminates the dark/light pupil dilemma. Overall, this is a really nice mark. I love the integration of the registered symbol, and the custom type (something that seems to have been overlooked by many, based on the comments) is SEXAY.

logomotive said on Nov. 09 '10

Cheers Guys, yeah No Pupil would be too eerie and dark is just too dark IMO, so Middle of the road here :) just the creators vision here.

Alisa1711 said on Nov. 11 '10

With blind eyes this fish looks too... horribly... (:

onesummer said on Nov. 13 '10

dude! the bubbles rising from the trademark is a great touch. blind for me as well.

logomotive said on Nov. 14 '10

Cheers all. Yeah I thought the bubbles added a bit of life. and helped in case of type only here.

MilCaras said on Nov. 25 '10

If you see any kind of light in the dark DO NOT GO FOR iT!!!!

auroruly said on Dec. 13 '10


SAGI said on Mar. 03 '11

Nice work!
what is the name of that font?

logomotive said on Mar. 05 '11

Thanks... Sagi I don't know it's been manipulated to death.

DesignLab said on Jun. 21 '12

You are the best
Hugs from Brazil

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