by milou • Uploaded: Oct. 26 '10
Gallerized Jun. '11 c4193ad75c00041e4b645f76985bd941.png

Description: Interactive apps. Custom type.

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: texturewaterfishnamazu

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mcdseven said on Oct. 26 '10

nice mark, nice type but a little tight for my taste... loosen it a tad.

bigoodis said on Oct. 26 '10

looks great!

milou said on Oct. 26 '10

Thanks Paul, much appreciated but I think the kerning is good, I like it tight more than loose one, I tried that too.

Cheers Ivan!

Lecart said on Oct. 26 '10

great stuff mate, nice colors. i think i agree with mcdseven on the tightness but i don't mind it.

Pierro said on Oct. 26 '10

Love it.

milou said on Oct. 26 '10

Stelian & Pierro, thanks a bunch mates!

myway999 said on Oct. 26 '10

nice work, milou:) the letter spacing bothers me a bit, though.

Mikeymike said on Oct. 26 '10

pretty cool there, Milou.

milou said on Oct. 26 '10

Claude & Mike, much appreciated masters!

contrast8 said on Oct. 26 '10

this is beuty milou:)

milou said on Oct. 26 '10

Cheers Deividas!

mamgust.com said on Oct. 26 '10

Typo bardzo subtelne i slodkie, czuc Twoj styl Milosz ;)

milou said on Oct. 26 '10

Dzieki wielkie Kamil :-)

filipev said on Oct. 26 '10

Looks great! Believe it or not I click on your profile everyday to see if you have uploaded new logos :P.

oronoz ® said on Oct. 26 '10

Nice work man!!

JoePrince said on Oct. 26 '10

Nice work lad.

milou said on Oct. 26 '10

Hey Filipe I'm really honored to hear that! I'll try to post something new more often.

Alan, thanks my man!!

Cheers Joey the Prince!

jippy rinaldi said on Oct. 26 '10

Nice mark milou..

Rokac said on Oct. 27 '10

It's a beauty Milosz:)

milou said on Oct. 27 '10

Jippy & Roko, love you.

!mude said on Oct. 30 '10

Lovely mark milou

milou said on Nov. 02 '10

Hey thanks Dennis aka !Mude!

sean heisler said on Jun. 06 '11

Holy crap, man, congrats on the five front page spots! Wow!

ru_ferret said on Jun. 06 '11

High five!

morecolor said on Jun. 06 '11

5 prac na raz w galerii, niezle men ;)

nickhood said on Jun. 06 '11

This is exquisite!

nickosma said on Jun. 07 '11

oj niezle niezle! gratulacje :)

dotflo said on Jun. 07 '11

hehe milou day here, very nice my friend!

Rokac said on Jun. 07 '11

^Oh yeah, what a lovely day. Congrats buddy!

Vergad said on Jun. 07 '11

Congrats on the fantastic 5!

lumavine said on Jun. 07 '11

Great detailing! I kind of see a C in the left side negative space - ya dig?

milou said on Jun. 07 '11

Sean, Nikita, Kamil, Nicholas, Mikolaj, Florin, Roko, Matt & Luma - Appreciate the warm words coming from all of you, I'm stoked to see five of my works on the fron page :-)

pjmaster said on Jun. 07 '11

WoW. Five in a row. Milosz I bet that you are the next featured member.

milou said on Jun. 07 '11

Haha, it would be great, but honestly I don't think so ;-) Thanks bud.

brandsimplicity said on Jun. 08 '11

Congrats Milou!

milou said on Jun. 10 '11

Thanks Fabian.

@ David, nice changes on the site. Can I ask you what is that On/Off button for?

THEArtistT said on Jun. 10 '11

This is my own general rule on kerning, but I usually never tighten the kerning to the point the space between each letter is less than the width of the narrowest part of the letter forms. Otherwise you might as well run them together. Even letters need a little personal space. ;)

milou said on Jun. 13 '11

David, I thought so ;-)
Trish, it's good to know how you're doing stuff :-) I think I haven't done tight kerning (as this here) since creating it in '10.

sorgunalp said on Jul. 09 '11

nice work, beatiful fish!

Antonio Cappucci said on Aug. 04 '11

Well done, very very nice!

milou said on Aug. 08 '11

Antonio Cappucci & sorgunalp - Thank you gentlemen!

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