by contactme • Uploaded: Oct. 26 '10
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Description: ConnectedHome

As seen on: http://brandstack.com/logo-design/details/25612

Status: Unused proposal

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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lucadolci said on Oct. 26 '10

So cute! Congrats!

Pierro said on Oct. 26 '10

Great concept mate.

palattecorner said on Oct. 26 '10

neat work like it verymuch:)

bullmastiff07 said on Oct. 26 '10

I really like how you could know this symbol even if the words weren't there. It's simple but direct, nice job!

myob said on Oct. 26 '10

Perhaps a plug at the end, the chance is very low but still it could be misinterpreted for a rope instead of a cable.

myob said on Oct. 26 '10

Lol nevermind, just realized the house is the plug itself... haha, you got me!

tass said on Oct. 26 '10

Nice mix of elements. Clever.

Matto said on Oct. 27 '10

Very clever!

lumo said on Oct. 27 '10


bilebo said on Oct. 27 '10

Clever stuff!

vernics said on Oct. 27 '10


lumavine said on Oct. 27 '10

Simple one color, and very good concept! perfect!

zephyr said on Oct. 27 '10


azdesign said on Oct. 27 '10

Great idea, good job.

brandsimplicity said on Oct. 27 '10

Very clever!!

crislabno said on Oct. 27 '10

ah te logosy z helva w tle

matjak said on Oct. 27 '10

Nicely done : )

firebubble design said on Oct. 28 '10

Really nice concept. Good job.

duduƛ said on Oct. 28 '10

stunned by this :)

brandclay said on Oct. 28 '10

Really well done. Simplicity at its finest.

Oleg Bercea said on Oct. 29 '10

cool cool cool

fukuda said on Oct. 29 '10

Nice concept :)

AMP said on Oct. 31 '10

very cool. nice job.

contactme said on Nov. 04 '10

Thanks all! :)

Raoul Camion said on Nov. 12 '10

Very smart, bravo !

PhilTheForce said on Nov. 17 '10

why didn't think of that!?

josenetome said on Nov. 20 '10

simple and effectiveČ
nice work! =)

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