Moorland Associates

by downwithdesign • Uploaded: Oct. 24 '10
Gallerized May. '11 c1af21cd776baeafec6a8a6ff088813e.png

Description: An environmentally friendly architects.

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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tass said on Oct. 24 '10

It's really interesting where this is going, i like it.

JoePrince said on Oct. 25 '10

ftw GH

bigoodis said on Oct. 25 '10

looks very very nice :)

palattecorner said on Oct. 25 '10


itsgareth said on Oct. 30 '10

cheers, glad you like it :)

lumavine said on Oct. 30 '10

Yea I love how abstract this is. I did unexpectedly get the feel of a USA flag on the left side. Great work!

Marylka said on May. 18 '11

What font is used here ...?

itsgareth said on May. 18 '11

ITC Avant Garde, modified a fair bit

justinbakerdesigns said on May. 18 '11

Beautiful logo you have here Gareth!

ebrown said on May. 18 '11

Very friendly to the eye. Nice work Gareth.

herbyderby said on May. 18 '11

Love the abstract-ness of it. Colors? Fruity goodness. I could see a little more curviness to the two lower green bands, IMO.

itsgareth said on May. 18 '11

cheers for the comments :) stoked to be in the gallery after such a long time

icono_design said on May. 18 '11

Very nice! I like the font! congrats!

cpuentes23 said on May. 18 '11

cool, well done

hamidos said on May. 19 '11

wow.. nice artwork.. with cool color combination...

jonnyd said on May. 19 '11

Nice colour overlay!

itsgareth said on May. 20 '11

cheers again :) happy friday

marbar said on May. 21 '11

nice. one of the disadvantages of having a real photographic memory is that i remember every single picture, but can't always tell 'where' I've seen one before. wasn't this featured somewhere in an how to design article or something ?

itsgareth said on May. 21 '11

Yes, it was featured in Computer Arts Magazine.

leoramires said on May. 26 '11

very elegant symbol

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