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by Bitencourt • Uploaded: Oct. 18 '10
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Description: Logo created for a game/puzzles website. Custom type. I would love to receive some criticism. Thanks everyone!

As seen on: Soon Plexus

Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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deiv said on Oct. 18 '10

wow. sick mark! well done, mate!

bigoodis said on Oct. 18 '10

crazy mark man :)

azdesign said on Oct. 18 '10

Very playful :)

s7even said on Oct. 18 '10

Hey buddy - couple of things.. for me the x doesnt read as an x (it seems closer to an a). The "P" mark is great but it may be too detailed to reduce clearly.. if this only has to live online at this size you might be okay but I think simplifying it and allowing a little more breathing room between the various toys would help. Just my 2c..

bitencourt said on Oct. 18 '10

This is still only a proposal and if it is chosen by the client i will certainly consider your criticism. I had already thought about it even; details and legibility specially the X.

Thanks, buddy. Much appreciated your comment.

milou said on Oct. 18 '10

Hey buddy,
I'm not sure about the type it looks cool, but my two cents would be to try it in one line and put the tag beneath it. Also the issue is the mentioned x. Then it will be perfect imho. Love the mark & colors, thumbs up.

dotflo said on Oct. 19 '10

like the colors, agree with milou

bitencourt said on Oct. 19 '10

Thanks everyone, i'm now working on this proposal; was choosed by the client. I'll consider all these comments! :)

bilebo said on Oct. 19 '10

Congrats, man! Looks great! Waiting to see the final!

bitencourt said on Oct. 19 '10

Thanks henric! I'll ask for your opinion, amigo!

myway999 said on Oct. 19 '10

wonderful concept and idea. congrats, mate!

bitencourt said on Oct. 19 '10

Thanks Claudiu, means a lot! :)

diegomaia said on Oct. 19 '10

Liked a lot, the colors too.

but what about increase the "P" eye?

i think is too small if all this toys around...

bitencourt said on Oct. 19 '10

Thanks Diego, i'm working on this issues. I'll be less toys around and bigger, wait to see the final version, mate!

mcdseven said on Oct. 19 '10

the mark is great... some effort gone into that. The type I don't know about.

bitencourt said on Oct. 19 '10

Thanks Paul, I'm putting the typ in line and testing some new X's, really appreciate your comment man. :)

vernics said on Oct. 20 '10


bitencourt said on Oct. 20 '10

Thanks, Ali! :) - Type updated

lumo said on Oct. 20 '10

nice work

bitencourt said on Oct. 20 '10

Thanks James! i'm finishing the final version right now, I will update soon, mark and type

thomas said on Oct. 21 '10

Insane mark Breno! Fantastic!

bitencourt said on Oct. 21 '10

Thank you Thomas, updated with what i guess will be the final version. :)

s7even said on Oct. 21 '10

Nice update :)

milou said on Oct. 21 '10

You have updated the mark also Breno? Or I'm going nuts already?! Type looks better now for sure, I think you could adjust the size of P to the line of the rest and that would be just even more cool I think. Love those mosaic buddy!

luiz_adelino said on Oct. 21 '10


lumo said on Oct. 21 '10


Tømme said on Oct. 21 '10


bitencourt said on Oct. 21 '10

Yes Milosz, take a look on dribbble, the previous one have more icons and a bit of 'color dust'; this have less and bigger icons/toys - still working on type.

Thanks Tomme, James and Luiz! I'm glad you like, guys. :)

milou said on Oct. 22 '10

Aah, sure now I see the differences you've made, turned great Breno, congrats on the gallery spot.

deiv said on Oct. 22 '10

congrats, mate! you deserved that!

mcdseven said on Oct. 22 '10

well done Breno, well deserved spot.

oronoz ® said on Oct. 22 '10

You really did a great job!!

javaap said on Oct. 22 '10

Great Job Breno!

matjak said on Oct. 22 '10

Fantastic. Well done : )

anandpaliya said on Oct. 22 '10

i think ur type selection might be imperfect or u edited it in wrong way, the 'p' has more visual slop toward letter 'e' bloth are looking same, u have work on 'p'.

jgarnerdesign said on Oct. 22 '10

Cool stuff!

Mikeymike said on Oct. 22 '10

so sweet!!!!!!

michael bak said on Oct. 22 '10

beautiful "P" !

bitencourt said on Oct. 22 '10

Thanks a lot, guys! really appreciated. I mean this is the final version, type and mark. Thank you all! :)

JoePrince said on Oct. 22 '10

Hot stuff man.

logoboom said on Oct. 22 '10

Really well executed. The style of the individual icons are very similar to Unilever. But still looks great.

aldrich said on Oct. 22 '10

my eyes are bleeding from sheer awesomeness!

myob said on Oct. 22 '10

Can't. Handle. The Awesomeness.

jerron said on Oct. 22 '10

Although it's nicely done it's just another drop in the sea of Unilever looking logos. Your other option is choice.

ALL4LEO said on Oct. 22 '10

wow.wow.wow, fantastic composition and colors !
How difficult to create such detailed work...

rudy hurtado said on Oct. 22 '10

You spent enough time on this one, it shows. Awesome!

pjmaster said on Oct. 23 '10


zephyr said on Oct. 23 '10

Love it, Breno!

FosterBarker said on Oct. 23 '10


bitencourt said on Oct. 23 '10

Thanks everyone, i'm very proud of this.
Probably i will work on the new Plexus website :D

Jerron, thanks for your imput; really means a lot for me.

contrast8 said on Oct. 23 '10

amazing work:)

michaelspitz said on Oct. 23 '10

Awesome again my good man!

jippy rinaldi said on Oct. 23 '10

Amazing work buddy! Nicely done

N said on Oct. 24 '10

Super! Super! Super!

rony xu said on Oct. 25 '10

great job great idea

hyperborea said on Oct. 25 '10


julium said on Oct. 25 '10

Excelente trabalho. Pena ter visto só agora e não ter podido contribuir a tempo, se foi a intenção. Apenas notei que, talvez, a área ao redor das curvas que passam uma por cima da outra no símbolo criando a ilusão de profundidade poderia ser um pouco mais ampla, facilitando, assim, a leitura da forma. Apenas um detalhe na obra excepcional. Parabéns!

Tømme said on Oct. 26 '10

150 in just a breeze :p congrats mate

tinocordes said on Oct. 26 '10

Looks very good. Though playful I'm not sure if it tells us much about puzzles or games.

firebubble design said on Oct. 28 '10

This must have taken ages! Excellent design and love the custom type. Looks like you really went the extra distance with this one.

mark henry said on Oct. 30 '10

Although it's nicely done ..

bitencourt said on Oct. 31 '10

Thanks everyone! :)
youre great, logoponders :D

atomicvibe said on Nov. 09 '10

Wow, this is quite fantastic. It's obvious you put a lot of work into this. It's colorful, playful, full of energy - seems to meet the mark perfectly. Your client should be extremely happy with this.

Flant said on Nov. 17 '10

great execution of an existing idea, not original

bitencourt said on Nov. 17 '10

Thanks for your imput, Flant.

epicantus said on Dec. 08 '10

So playful and sweet!

13mu said on Dec. 15 '10


bitencourt said on Dec. 17 '10

Thanks Epicantus and 13mu. Tha client is quite happy with the outcome :)

Jazzoline said on Jan. 02 '11

Can anyone help me to find tutorial how to create these kind of logos? I mean warping tiny shapes into the big one? There are tons of logos like this and I guess this is not a great secret to share :)


bitencourt said on Jan. 02 '11

In my case I did not follow any special technique, friend. In any case, I'll post soon the whole process of developing this logo on my Behance portfolio. Then you can check how I got this result. I advance that i say that has no secret. :)

Jazzoline said on Jan. 02 '11

:)) thank you.. I'll be checking your portfolio :)

walan21 said on Jan. 10 '11

amazing one

bitencourt said on Jan. 22 '11

Thanks Jazz and Walan! :)

bitencourt said on Jan. 28 '11

More of the Plexus Puzzles development, check it on my folio http://bit.ly/e8AWYg :)

hitbyreindeer said on Jan. 28 '11

inpiring work and great process, thanks for sharing!!

JoePrince said on Jan. 28 '11

Nice post BB.

bitencourt said on Jan. 28 '11

Thanks guys :)

matto said on Jan. 29 '11

I think someone was over inspired by your brilliant work :)

JF said on Jan. 29 '11

Matto, that's a similar style, not a rip. If you begin to think that way, then all 'parts' logos lined up together would look like they were all ripping each other off, which is not true.

JF said on Jan. 29 '11

P.S.: Unliver's logo is a 'parts' logo. And, well, actually pre-dates this one I believe. Link here: http://www.farmland.org/images/UnileverLogo.JPG

matto said on Jan. 29 '11

I'm not saying it's a rip, I just thought the author of that logo was strongly inspired by Breno's work :)

JF said on Jan. 29 '11

Thanks for explaining, Matto. Usually when someone says 'over-inspired' it is a somewhat polite way to say that they believe someone has ripped off someone else's work. That's all.

bitencourt said on Jan. 29 '11

Yes, I don't think that is inspired by my logo or any other, just a style overused, like Unilever and many other parts logos.

FUTY said on Jan. 31 '11

Beautiful shit! LOVE IT. :*

antonio cappucci said on Jul. 27 '11

In my language...STRAORDINARIO!!!

chanpion said on Sep. 17 '11

You've taken the unilever style to a whole new level. What a showcase!

bitencourt said on Sep. 17 '11

Thank you so much, Guys! :)

atomoxod said on Jan. 20 '13

Added to favorites immediately!

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