Banjo Cat 2

by randyheil • Uploaded: Sep. 23 '10
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Description: A revision as suggested by many.

Status: Unused proposal

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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randyheil said on Sep. 23 '10

A revision that I'm happier with. Thanks for the suggestions.

logomotive said on Sep. 23 '10

I think it looks much better but perhaps you could follow the contour of the banjo and flip it outward, the other way. It would balance better with the hand?

nido said on Sep. 23 '10

I still think the tail doesn't need to come outwards... imagine it as a reversed s perhaps, running up along the side of the cats body... but not as curved as an s though... have it compliment the out line of the body somewhat... when you have it out the way as you have now, imo, it throws the whole balance off...

logomotive said on Sep. 23 '10

Randy something like this IMO. http://twitpic.com/2r9d6i

logomotive said on Sep. 23 '10

and work on that right side hip make it follow the banjo better. Just my opinion. I really like it or would not have bothered :) I think Nav's thinking the same thing.

JoePrince said on Sep. 23 '10

I agree with nido's comment. Looks as if the tail was an afterthought where it is right now. Tie it in more continuously with the body curves. Very nice though.

bigoodis said on Sep. 23 '10

@logomotive: excellent solution, which significantly balance the mark

logomotive said on Sep. 23 '10

It was Nav's solution, I just took the time to visually explain it. Hope you don't mind Randy.

randyheil said on Sep. 23 '10

I'm trying to retain the symmetry of the hips, and I'm hoping to find a solution where the tail and hip are clearly distinct from one another.

jerron said on Sep. 23 '10

It's great as is, ship it.

imattchell said on Sep. 23 '10

i like the tail as is, it provides a nice balance for the arm and, IMO, looks better than the suggested revision, since the revision reduces the hips and changes the shape of the cat.
nice work!

logomotive said on Sep. 28 '10

OK Randy, I understand. It is really cool regardless of any opinions. Makes me smile.

brandingbros said on Jun. 07 '12

Great work Randy...specially like the way you have used the tail..V

Mad Skimo said on Jun. 08 '12

what a lovely cat! its great!

patzs said on Jun. 09 '12

Perfect logo! Cat's tail and left hand, in effect, maintain the balance. Lovely!

joelsailo said on Jun. 11 '12

Very nice.. i love it.

sbdesign said on Jun. 11 '12

vy ebanulis' s etimi soc seti'ami!
Ia prosto rabote hochu postavit'!

sbdesign said on Jun. 11 '12

tochno - ebanulis'

ocularink said on Jun. 14 '12

Hey, I remember this. Turned out nice.

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