Western Wrestler

by DoubleA • Uploaded: Sep. 15 '10
Gallerized Sep. '10 05c7ccb4dfecf056a4e9b6c428b62dc1.png

Description: Self promo

As seen on: Doubleacreative

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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GreenInkStudio said on Sep. 16 '10

Sumo Cowboy! Funny one.

Double A said on Sep. 16 '10

Thank you GreenInk. I enjoy your work as well.

sdijock said on Sep. 16 '10

Really great series of logos. Love your illustration style.

lukeskybaker said on Sep. 16 '10

I like your series a lot! My only suggestion is to work on the typography, seems like the time you spend is disproportionately allocated to the icon, and then the typography is an afterthought.

Double A said on Sep. 16 '10

Lukeskybaker, I completely agree. To be honest I just added the type so I could show them on the site. They are actually being used with no type at all. Thank you for the comment.

james ewin designs said on Sep. 17 '10

Yeah! Really like this!

oronoz ® said on Sep. 17 '10

Love the style!!

firebrand said on Sep. 17 '10


efjay said on Sep. 17 '10

Great execution !!

pjmaster said on Sep. 17 '10

Yeah, maybe some western typo. Cool cowboy.

JoePrince said on Sep. 17 '10

The spurs look like he saw the Hulk and dropped some nuggets on the ground :P

Mikeymike said on Sep. 17 '10

HAAAA!! good one Joe.
sorry, seriously, love the illy style. and on a lot of your stuff. nice.

Noetic Brands said on Sep. 17 '10

This is awsome :).... maybe its just me but the first glance made me feel that this guy is sitting on a toilet seat :)...sorry. Good stuff!

matjak said on Sep. 17 '10

Fantastic! : )

I-am-Tiago said on Sep. 18 '10


AMP said on Sep. 18 '10

This is great!!

designer said on Sep. 19 '10

Sorry for a comparison, but it seems - he sits on lavatory pan and does serious work ))

Double A said on Sep. 20 '10

Thx everyone for all your comments. I appreciate them.

kervie said on Mar. 26 '11

Nice work man. Very Memorable

Double A said on Mar. 29 '11

Thank you Kervie.

atomicvibe said on Jul. 14 '11

HA! I love it. Amazing illustrative style, as is the rest of your work. Nice turnout!

Double A said on Jul. 14 '11

Thank you for the comments atomicvibe. I enjoyed your portfolio as well.

atomicvibe said on Jul. 18 '11

Thanks for looking!

orca design said on Aug. 24 '11

love this fella

Type and Signs said on Apr. 03 '12

massive !

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