by AlexWende • Uploaded: Sep. 10 '10
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Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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wizemark said on Sep. 10 '10

Sweet type. A`s & V`s are always working nicely together.. :p

JoePrince said on Sep. 10 '10

Nice work AW.

AlexWende said on Sep. 14 '10

Thx folks :)

pierro said on Sep. 15 '10

Permanent executive, Alex! :)

mcdseven said on Jan. 16 '11

this really really cool.

headdow said on Mar. 15 '11

great work!

dotflo said on Mar. 15 '11

solid stuff, nice to see this in the gallery

hertzpectiv said on Mar. 15 '11

cool work, mate

Sean Heisler said on Mar. 15 '11

Very nice type, Alex.

Type08 said on Mar. 15 '11

They could use it for a tag line in the Borat-ish kind of way, VUVAVIVAH! :)

milou said on Mar. 15 '11

Nice type, buddy. If I had to complain I would like to see it in other layout :P

AlexWende said on Mar. 15 '11

thx for the kind words everyone and cool to be on the front page :D

@Milosz what do you mean by an another layout? don't get it :)

m1sternoname said on Mar. 15 '11

looks good Alex, makes me wanna buy bubblegum :)

^^@Alen: LOL!

milou said on Mar. 15 '11

^ I meant color scheme :-)

AlexWende said on Mar. 15 '11

thx Floris!

@Milosz: yeah I thought you could mean that but I like this freaky colorsheme somehow :D

@ranga26 hahaha... thx for signing and write this down lol. Actually you can print it out..... and thereafter you can cross it off your list ;)

AlexWende said on Mar. 15 '11

**@ranga26 meant thx for signup on logopond... still no edit button here ;)

brandcolour said on Mar. 16 '11


LadyGrey said on Mar. 17 '11


nickhood said on Aug. 03 '11

Awesome! These colors are so electric.

Type and Signs said on Oct. 05 '11

w o w - simply great !

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