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Description: lavado de apartamentos

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Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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chanpion said on Jun. 02 '07

This is really nice but I can't help not thinking about THE tsunami : (


akitash said on Jun. 03 '07

Tienes razón chanpions, gracias por el comentario. Sólo que cuando el logo fue creado, aún no habían sucedido el tsunami, ni era común que eso sucediera. Pero estás en lo cierto, bien!

chanpion said on Jun. 03 '07

Um...help in translating anyone?

Art Machine said on Jun. 03 '07

He said you're right, and thanks for your comment. And the tsunami just abandoned while creating the logo although it is not very usual/ probable. Though you're right.

If my translation isn't correct, please anyone straighten this out.

nido said on Jun. 03 '07

yeah he said he's gona kick your behind straight to the moon... bing bang boom!!!

chanpion said on Jun. 03 '07

Phew! Just a kick on the behind! I thought it was something else! ; )

Thanks Art and um....thanks nav.
BTW guys, he is a she. Her name is Angelica and she's got a pretty awesome showcase!

royhobbs said on Jun. 05 '07

I believe the correct translation was something like this. "You're right, and thanks for the comment. However, when the logo was created the tsunami had not yet occurred, and it wasn't a common occurrence. Nevertheless you are right."

By the way, Nice logo. Bien hecho!

akitash said on Jun. 06 '07


Jeff Fisher LogoMotives said on Jun. 07 '07

It is a beautifully executed design - although it does make me want to run for higher ground... :o)

iamanidiot said on Jun. 14 '07

crap. utter pants. i dont think we've laughed this much in a while. i have no idea what it means. im thinking end of the world, global warming, rising water levels.

nvictor said on Jun. 29 '07

iamanidiot... absolutely.

hitbyreindeer said on Sep. 07 '09

pues a mi me encanta este logo y me seguirá encantando, lo del tsunami lo pensé hasta que leí los somentarios y pues sí tienen algo de razón, pero cuando lo vi me quedé fascinado por la solución que encontraste para este logo y la ejecución está de 10, yo lo floto 1000 veces :D

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