Macho grill

by Kristofern • Uploaded: Aug. 23 '10
Gallerized Aug. '10 3976ca89986b1002ca9981e259b6febb.png

Description: Grill bar

Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: man

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wiking said on Aug. 23 '10

Indeed. Very cool.

brandsimplicity said on Aug. 23 '10

Awesome profile...Clint Eastwood would be proud:)

jerron said on Aug. 23 '10

Hmm, that fire looks somewhat familiar.

bilebo said on Aug. 23 '10

I like it very macho!
He's on fire!
Hot stuff!

lumavine said on Aug. 23 '10

Love the woodcut style. It's like an old west poster. Perfect.

Marvin K. said on Aug. 23 '10

'am really liking the style on this one. Great job!

VERGad said on Aug. 23 '10

awesome! very macho!

AlexWende said on Aug. 23 '10

Not sure if it's just me/my eyes but it looks kind of flat, maybe it's the hat which need some more shadow underneath on the forehead or some work on the top of the hat?

But hey, still great colors, style and illustration!

AlexWende said on Aug. 23 '10

The smoke of the cigar distracts also from the flame, but now I shut up :)

bitencourt said on Aug. 23 '10

Really cool ;)

zephyr said on Aug. 23 '10

Great feel to this one!

dannygdammit said on Aug. 23 '10

yeah I think the cigar smoke creates an odd little space.. I'd consider cutting it out of the flame.. you'll have more area to play with and at a larger scale..

really nice looking logo. kudos.

Kliment said on Aug. 24 '10


OcularInk said on Aug. 24 '10

The negative space in the flame kind of looks like the smoke from the cigarette. Probably don't even need the dark smoke portion.

ColinTierney said on Aug. 24 '10

^ good point

bilebo said on Aug. 24 '10

Really good point! And maybe move it a chest hair to the right?

julium said on Aug. 25 '10

Pretty cool!

milou said on Aug. 25 '10


kugelis said on Aug. 26 '10

this one is ok, but the style is a little bit banal

yahooer said on Aug. 30 '10

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pilot4ik said on Sep. 13 '10

Really HOT !

grills said on Oct. 01 '10

I like it very macho!very

devey said on Oct. 10 '10

Nice illustration!

mnaseertariq said on Mar. 20 '11

Beautiful work man

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