Harris COMP revised

by Ahab • Uploaded: Jun. 01 '07
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Description: Here is the comp with all the comment input applied...great comments all.

Status: For sale

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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oaknd1 said on Jun. 09 '07

This is a truly amazing mark. Great job.

ahab said on Jun. 10 '07

Thank you oaknd.

Kliment said on Jun. 11 '07


JWTK said on Jun. 11 '07

very cool. imagine if the company name was O'Harris

ahab said on Jun. 11 '07

ooohhh yeah, that would be cool.

Thanks guys.

punchtank said on Jun. 13 '07


akitash said on Jun. 15 '07

wooww it's great!

firebrand said on Jun. 16 '07

Cracking device. Nice one!

ahab said on Jun. 16 '07

Thanks guys

arabicdes said on Jun. 19 '07

all i can say is WOW!!
the mark is fantastic! the idea is breath taking..

very good job ahab!

ahab said on Jun. 19 '07

Thank you very much.

jeropp said on Jun. 28 '07

thats nice...love it. good job! great harmonious use of colour as well...:)

ahab said on Jul. 02 '07

thank you.

jeffcrunch said on Jul. 13 '07

Very Nice indeed. Love it.

ahab said on Jul. 20 '07


Gelbdesign said on Aug. 24 '07

nice work

ahab said on Aug. 24 '07


icu said on Oct. 10 '07

this is very very original. Fantastic.

I saw your show case this is your best work

ahab said on Oct. 14 '07

Thanks icu! I think I would have to agree with you.

raja said on Oct. 29 '07

the mark is genius

ahab said on Nov. 01 '07

WOW! Thanks Raja.
I really appreciate that. Your stuff rocks btw,

influxes said on Nov. 16 '07

This mark is amazing!

ahab said on Nov. 20 '07

Thanks influxes! I appreciate it.

omerbey said on Jan. 01 '08


ahab said on Jan. 22 '08

Thanks you!

metico said on Jan. 23 '08

great execution. good colors and love the usage of negative space. nice work.

ahab said on Jan. 23 '08

Thanks, MeTico!

You have a very vast and impressive collection yourself.

LOGOPED said on Jan. 24 '08


Oronoz ® said on Jan. 24 '08

amazing work!!!

onesummer said on Jan. 24 '08

i'm writing this just so ahab will thank me too! just kidding, nice work, ahab

ahab said on Jan. 24 '08

HA HA HA!!! Nice, onesummer. I can't help it...I am very thankful. I appreciate all comments from this community.

onesummer: an extra special THANKS A LOT for you!

nido said on Jan. 25 '08

i remember when you first posted this.. back in nineteenticketytoo... loved it then.. love it now... dont want your babies though!

ahab said on Jan. 25 '08

HA HA HA!!! Very nice! I was a bit firsed up this morning and feeling silly.

Thanks for the props.

borinagge said on Feb. 01 '08

Clap Clap Clap!!....simply GREAT

Sordoff said on Feb. 27 '08

Somebody just blew me out of my socks ...
Wow, well done, well executed! I've never seen a more beautiful 'H'

ahab said on Mar. 03 '08

Thanks, Sordoff. Very appreciated.

gthobbs said on Mar. 03 '08

I hate you...in the best way possible.

ahab said on Mar. 08 '08

LOL! Thanks!

fogra said on Mar. 18 '08

This is just fab, ahab! Sorry.

ahab said on Mar. 19 '08

Thanks. Sorry for what?

Ronald Surya said on Sep. 03 '08

Nicely Done! Applause on using the negative space

Lawrence Anderson said on Sep. 12 '08

I think it would look a bit better without the gray stroke.

ahab said on Jan. 23 '09

Thanks guys.

epsilon said on Jan. 23 '09

Superb use of the negative space. But I suspect you already know that :)

ahab said on Jan. 23 '09

of course, it inspired the whole mark. :)

Thanks alot

rudy hurtado said on May. 04 '09

Very strong, congrats!

ahab said on May. 11 '09

Thanks a lot!

michaelspitz said on Sep. 19 '09

Very nice! Well done! :)

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