Northridge Homes

by OcularInk • Uploaded: Aug. 12 '10
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Description: Update for my boy, Roy...and everyone else who gave great feedback.

Status: Unused proposal

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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firebrand said on Aug. 12 '10

Nice period paint job too! My arbor's that colour!

Chad Sanderson said on Aug. 12 '10

^ I don't think so. The darkness adds depth.

OcularInk said on Aug. 12 '10

@firebrand : Nice color choice for your arbor, Roy! :-)
@zu : Thanks for your feedback. I'm with Chad, though, it adds depth. That portion of the fence, in certain lighting, is usually darker.
@Chad : Agreed. Thanks man.

OcularInk said on Aug. 12 '10

@zu : We were chiming in at the same time. Guess I could go lighter, but see my above comment.

firebrand said on Aug. 12 '10

Zu, My picket is period English Oak and the cross members are the same colour.

eziemac said on Aug. 12 '10

Love it the way it is, don't think it would be half as good if it was all one colour, mate

firebrand said on Aug. 12 '10

I can see why you have z's in your avatar.

Mikeymike said on Aug. 12 '10

I liked it when you had it in the black also. But I like this with the two colors, I agree it gives it a real depth to the fence and the "N".
Like the type change also, added a lot, IMO. nice.

mfrank said on Aug. 12 '10

I'm building a fence around my yard right now and I have two different color treatments for the fence wood and the braces. Good work Occy.

OcularInk said on Aug. 12 '10

This is entertaining! @Mikeymike and @mfrank Thanks guys!

fogra said on Aug. 12 '10

I've been looking for that exact colour for my garage door. I love it!

dotflo said on Aug. 12 '10

great job kevin

mfrank said on Aug. 12 '10

My windows and garage are the same color....

OcularInk said on Aug. 12 '10

Thanks everyone. I've updated the mark with a little less contrast.

rudy hurtado said on Aug. 12 '10

Very clever, very clever.

raja said on Aug. 13 '10

nice work Oc

KGB said on Aug. 13 '10

great work Kev'.

webing said on Aug. 19 '10

Nice logo! I prefer this type too.

OcularInk said on Aug. 19 '10

Rudy, Raja, Brian and Christian...thanks guys!

mcdseven said on Aug. 19 '10

love it kevin, well done.

julium said on Aug. 20 '10

Better type than the previous. Liked the black version.

endofgeneric said on Aug. 23 '10

Awesome mark, loving the negative space. Good work!

oliver13 said on Sep. 29 '10

Great logo design OkularInk:) I like it

Carried in Cruzine: http://www.cruzine.com/2010/09/27/real-estate-logos/

ocularink said on Oct. 06 '10

Thanks everyone.

Mikeymike said on Sep. 15 '11

bout time it made gallery. :) oh ya!

Bernd said on Sep. 15 '11

c l e v e r

Rokac said on Sep. 16 '11

Nice to see this one in z gallery. A beauty Kevin!

pavel_kulinsky said on Sep. 16 '11

very good! but the fence is look like a Cross ties and rails a little bit) But althou it's a good logo. I like it)

pjmaster said on Sep. 20 '11

Amazing simplicity. Amazing logo.

Antonio Cappucci said on Sep. 20 '11

Like it, nice job.

ocularink said on Oct. 10 '11

Hey, thanks everyone!

RaitG said on Jan. 28 '13

yes, good work

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