Bruce County Public Library

by NoeticBrands • Uploaded: Jul. 20 '10

Description: Logo proposal for Bruce County Public Library. After some research I found that Bruce County is famous for its lighthouses across the county.

Status: Work in progress

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: knowledgelighthouseLecturePublic LibraryCounty

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djac said on Jul. 21 '10

The logo is very well executed. Simplicity rules!

About the Lighthouse I think you are giving to much attention to it. Dont forget, its still a library :P

Noetic Brands said on Jul. 21 '10

Thanks djac. You're right but library could be anywhere. Bruce County is very considerate about its heritage...so I wanted to give it 60% heritic and 40% library reference.

hyperborea said on Jul. 23 '10

But there's no place for original ideas out there Riz.
You saw the results? I like the mark but would consider another typeface. Cheers!

Noetic Brands said on Jul. 23 '10

I know Andrej... specially that place. :). Thanks for the thought I'll explore typeface more but will change the name and maybe put it up on brandstack.

oski said on Jul. 26 '10

Nice, I like the layout of this!

Noetic Brands said on Jul. 28 '10

Thanks Radek

lumavine said on Aug. 24 '10

Clever hidden book!

AlexWende said on Aug. 24 '10

don't like the gradient on the logo but everything else works great. very nice job!

Noetic Brands said on Aug. 25 '10

Thanks fellows.

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