by jmutton • Uploaded: Jul. 13 '10
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Description: Just did this for some fun!

Status: Just for fun

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: designtentpencil

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jmutton said on Jul. 14 '10

Thanks for the floats :-]

spiraled said on Jul. 16 '10

i wish i could have a design studio looking like that.

davishama said on Jul. 16 '10

Nice :)

deiv said on Jul. 17 '10

really good idea :)

supermattzor said on Jul. 18 '10

I think the "Design_" and pencil mark combinations are a little over-done, but I like this application.

jmutton said on Jul. 18 '10

I've only just noticed that this has made it into the LP Gallery. Thanks very much for all of the comments and floats!

onesummer said on Jul. 18 '10

reminds me of that 'airtistic' concept in the gallery not long ago. maybe you drew inspiration from it?

jmutton said on Jul. 18 '10

This was all me but if you can dig out a link I'd be very interested!

saawan said on Jul. 18 '10

Super cool! :D

ethereal said on Jul. 18 '10

Lot of pencil concepts out there but this is pretty cool, Jase.

e-stylez said on Jul. 19 '10

haha! cool idea.

Noetic Brands said on Jul. 19 '10

I love how pencils and bulbs are done in different ways all the time. Good stuff!

danieltaborda said on Jul. 19 '10

One of the pencil concepts: http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/85769 But good job, I like it!

onesummer said on Jul. 24 '10

@jmutton, yeah, airtistic link is the one daniel posted above. both are good concepts though.

jmutton said on Jul. 27 '10

Ahh yeah I have seen that. Thanks once again for the floats and comments very much very appreciated! :-)

dzineden said on Aug. 27 '10

the shadow is not right...it doesn't have a pencil head

ixwa said on Sep. 24 '10

i love this. so much.

monkeylab said on Oct. 01 '10

where can we contact you? tx

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