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Description: espira i.t. company

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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sbj said on Jul. 07 '10

over all nice but im only getting S, P & A..

senangh said on Jul. 07 '10

Thanks dude, I guess I had to compromise a bit.

bigoodis said on Jul. 07 '10

good colors, but it is unreadable :)

senangh said on Jul. 07 '10

thanks buddy, neat showcase :)

bitencourt said on Jul. 07 '10

Agree with Bigoods :)

sbj said on Jul. 07 '10

u r compromising more than a bit.. i think

alexanderspliid said on Jul. 07 '10

^ Could still work, with the right application. I think it is great!

zibbidy said on Jul. 07 '10

Nice looking and hard to read : )

raja said on Jul. 07 '10


Looking awesome

sbj said on Jul. 07 '10

yess if at right place it will suit..

brandsimplicity said on Jul. 07 '10

Great colors, but sorry I can't read it.

egzy said on Jul. 15 '10

I love this colors.

oski said on Jul. 15 '10

I cant read it bud visually I love it!

JF said on Jul. 21 '10

I love colorful logos. Reminds me of Trava with that certain look, how you've arranged colors...very nice.

Farmill said on Aug. 01 '10

It's beautiful, really. I'm sure the lack of legibility can be worked around.

Noetic Brands said on Aug. 01 '10

echoing what others said about legibility. Good colors tho.

taulant said on Aug. 01 '10

It looks cool but I can't read anything.

andreiu said on Aug. 02 '10

so fresh!

dotflo said on Aug. 02 '10

great colors, too hard to read

patriciape said on Aug. 02 '10

^ yeah i definitely agree

wizemark said on Aug. 02 '10

I`m actually having a prob only with the R. The rest and overall design is brilliant. Love it!

jerron said on Aug. 02 '10

If it's not legible, why is it in the gallery?

Chad Sanderson said on Aug. 02 '10

Is it supposed to be entirely legible? It's a great design and looks fantastic, so I think being readable isn't a high priority.

If it was meant to be legible though, that's another story.

taulant said on Aug. 02 '10

Chad I think the whole idea of making logos is communicating with shapes and colors.
This logo is very cool and nicely done but I would never understand what this company sells just by looking at the logo.

Quattro8 said on Aug. 02 '10

good looking but surprised company chose it, cant read.

Chad Sanderson said on Aug. 02 '10

^ And I bet the first person to see the nike swoosh had no idea it was related to sporting goods. Unless you possess vast mental abilities I do not, everyone learns a logo through its use in context. Just because a design features a house does not mean it is for a real estate agent.

Secondly, I was stating above that this doesn't need to be legible to work, as long as it has some kind of type treatment to fall back on. If it was meant to stand alone, then it's a problem.

Mad Skimo said on Aug. 02 '10

It doesnt matter if the text is unreadable. As a mark is great (quite 80´s actually)

Chad Sanderson said on Aug. 02 '10

That last comment was meant for taulant.

Methodologi said on Aug. 02 '10

Beautiful work

diego153 said on Aug. 02 '10

Chad it right in the sense that great logos are learned, like nike, but i have to say that the readability aspect is very important...i showed this to some non-designers and they didn't get it. We design for the masses, not for designers...and although it's a nice piece of design, i am questioning it's effectiveness at communicating the message.

Nice, but the readability factor bothers me a lot

tass said on Aug. 02 '10

I must say that i am one of those who can't read it too. Who likes the shape, likes the colors but can't read it.

I must disagree with you Chad on the NIKE comparison. You said that "the first person to see the nike swoosh had no idea it was related to sporting goods", but in our case not the services relation is the problem but it's readability, the understanding of the mark itself. Of course that you are right saying that if a clear type would be added near it then it will make sense, but on it's own, as you too notice, it's not working. Looks nice but the message sent is very vague and confusing like diego noticed too.

I usually hate thinking on how would a logo look in black and white / one color, but in this case, where the colors suggest a bit the letters differentiation, i think in one color it will make it even more unreadable.

Again, i like the concept, the mark, the coloring style and the colors, the style, but i think it's too abstract for the general audience.

tass said on Aug. 02 '10

Sorry for the length of my comment. :)

JoePrince said on Aug. 02 '10

I can only read maybe one or two letters, but other than that it's completely illegible IMO.

taulant said on Aug. 02 '10

Toss I agree with you.
Also I wanted to add that he NIKE swoosh is an icon (not a word), so the comparison is not very accurate.
Again I want to say that the logo is very attractive and cool.But design is not only made of art, communication is another ingredient.

markmir said on Aug. 03 '10

Very hard to read, but nice!)

nashifan said on Aug. 03 '10

When it comes to "I" & "R" it seems like pink part is "i" and it continues to "R (purple part)"
IMO - You could have separated the "I" from continuing to "R" by making the whole line (pink & purple) an "I" and added another parallel "I" which should belong to "R"...
Could hv made the bottom line of the "E" horizontal and attached to the middle line

:) catchy colors... nice work !!!

jvajko said on Aug. 04 '10

I think ClimaxDesigns has a point: brands (and thus marks or logos) are meant to stick.

Besides, no mark should ever be shown out of context anyways; there will always be a truck, or a letterhead, a piece of clothing or an ad campaign to support the mark.

Think of all those commercials you've seen that have NOTHING to do with the product. When you think about it, those commercials start out funny, sexy or silly just to bring their product or message to you. I believe marks like this draw you in by being "funny, sexy, silly" while still giving the brand some worth (in this case, making the brand feel "edgy").

A logo without a context is like an exclamation point without a sentence before it. This is a beautiful exclamation point.

sokol said on Aug. 05 '10

Nice colors!

poroto said on Aug. 05 '10

Buena armonía geométrica y de color, pero difícil lectura.

leighton_hubbell said on Aug. 05 '10

It is nice as an esoteric mark. It has great flow in the elements, but as a primary logotype, it fails significantly in readability. If this is, in fact the company mark, it needs supporting typography to help it do its primary function - communicate.

benlinford said on Aug. 06 '10

Great work senangh.
As a side note, i'm particularly impressed with the background.
Works beautifully with the logo.

firebrand said on Aug. 06 '10

Amen Leighton.

ideoma said on Aug. 06 '10

form doesn't follow function, but it has a nice form and coloros indeed!

raja said on Aug. 06 '10

I still want it on t-shirt!

dead.pixel said on Aug. 06 '10

"form doesn't follow function..."

How so? The purpose of a logo is to be recognizable and memorable, not necessarily legible. This is definitely the former.

theartistt said on Aug. 06 '10

this does toe the line between flash and substance, but it totally works for me. love it.

raja said on Aug. 07 '10

in case you didn't get my Predator reference,


theartistt said on Aug. 09 '10

My first thought was Predator (vs Alien), too. :)

mothanna said on Aug. 15 '10


mfmccoy said on Mar. 16 '11

I am all for creative inspiration, but this seems a little close, see link...http://space150.com/

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