by sbdesign • Uploaded: Jun. 26 '10
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Description: Travel agency

Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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JoePrince said on Jun. 26 '10

Looks nice, Sergey.

sbdesign said on Jun. 26 '10

Thnx Joe :)

palattecorner said on Jun. 27 '10

nice illustration

milou said on Jun. 27 '10

Nice mark mr SBd.

sbdesign said on Jun. 27 '10


tass said on Jun. 27 '10

Nice indeed.

ru_ferret said on Jun. 27 '10

So artistic, good mark, Sergey!

sbdesign said on Jun. 27 '10


milou said on Jun. 27 '10

Well deserved, I love this curves!

nickosma said on Jun. 27 '10

cool curves

crislabno said on Jun. 27 '10

lovely curves!

brandsimplicity said on Jun. 27 '10

Awesome job!

Shanya said on Jun. 27 '10

pesdata Sereg

aldema said on Jun. 27 '10

I love it!

AMP said on Jun. 27 '10

very picasso! i love it!

JF said on Jun. 27 '10

Love the line art style. Fantastic stuff.

I may sound silly saying this, but...it reminds me of Juan Valdez. The bag, hat, stick...looks like something out of that coffee commercial that character was in. Not a bad thing -- comforting memory, very effective advertising.

dotflo said on Jun. 28 '10

very artistic, love it

myway999 said on Jun. 28 '10

brilliant shapes, congrats!

jonnyd said on Jun. 28 '10

Class man very nice

OcularInk said on Jun. 28 '10

Always nice to see your simple logo designs.

michaelspitz said on Jun. 28 '10

Very nice! Great feel.

saawan said on Jun. 29 '10

Cool one line illustration! :)

sbdesign said on Jun. 29 '10

Thanks all! :)

oronoz ® said on Jun. 29 '10


sbdesign said on Jun. 29 '10


sparklin said on Jun. 30 '10

Beautiful :)

filipev said on Jul. 02 '10

Hi. That looks great! You did this with the pen tool?
Thank you ;)

sbdesign said on Jul. 03 '10

Hi! Yes, in the beginning some tens sketches on paper, and the squanderer one line in the illustrator

sbj said on Jul. 04 '10

nice n well deserving for the spot..

ericneal said on Jul. 30 '10

love. this. logo! I would like to see the arm over the basket extended a bit maybe?

pekostudio said on Aug. 19 '10

Nice Type and memorable Mark.

JoePrince said on Dec. 13 '10

You have some great skills man. Why haven't you been featured yet?

13mu said on Dec. 15 '10

sb you krut!

sbdesign said on Dec. 15 '10

2 JoePrince
It is a good question:)

sbdesign said on Dec. 15 '10

Thnx Den!:)

logomotive said on Dec. 15 '10

I agree Joe, there's a few worthy of that. I Imagine it's a hard choice.

milou said on Dec. 15 '10


yanic said on Jan. 13 '11

awesome job man

josephblalock said on Feb. 12 '11

Another nice one!

karmakazi said on Apr. 10 '11

simple. crisp. clean. effective. inspirational even. love it.

sbdesign said on May. 17 '11

Thanx Steve.
Magnificent avatar! :)

Type and Signs said on Oct. 04 '11

only one line ... but so effective ... Mister B ... hats off !!

jands said on Jan. 13 '12

amazing work !

nvisages said on Jan. 17 '12

LOVE this! Great color choice ... goes well with the simplicity of the logo. Font and spacing works beautifully too ... is the font Kurasawa? Nice work.

sbdesign said on Jan. 17 '12

Thanx Coleen.
Font - Chronos Pro

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