Buck Tales

by Mikeymike • Uploaded: Jun. 11 '10
Gallerized Aug. '10 a4b2db4e7fd67b918d7217bc3099fd69.png

Description: WIP.
For an outdoor/adventure writer. The writer's main topic: The deer and their habitat.

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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lumo said on Jun. 11 '10

like the edginess of it.

Mikeymike said on Jun. 14 '10

thanks for the comment, Lumo. appreciate it.

Mikeymike said on Jul. 21 '10

just wondering if the quill pen tip in the skull is legable?

Mikeymike said on Jul. 23 '10

Update, with some minor tweaks. Worked on skull and quill pen tip.

Lecart said on Jul. 23 '10

this is very nicely executed Mike. it does feel a bit scary, tho'. :)

Mikeymike said on Jul. 23 '10

thanks for the comment, Lecart. Yeah, I'm a little concerned on that. But then again we are talking ot hunters in general.

brittanykaplan said on Aug. 10 '10

really like the line work on the skull

Mikeymike said on Aug. 10 '10

thank you, brittany. you have some pretty good line skills yourself.

sdijock said on Aug. 25 '10

GREAT concept and nicely executed!

Mikeymike said on Aug. 26 '10

type08 and sdijock, thanks. appreciate the comments and floats. :)

james ewin designs said on Aug. 28 '10

Brilliant concept, saw it straight away!

Mikeymike said on Aug. 29 '10

thanks, James.

engar said on Aug. 29 '10


Mikeymike said on Aug. 30 '10

thanks, engar and Alen for the kind words.
Also thanks for the gallery post. much appreciated.

oronoz ® said on Aug. 30 '10

Awesome Mike!!

Mikeymike said on Aug. 30 '10

thanks, oronoz.

nido said on Aug. 30 '10

there's something about the name Mike...

koodoz said on Aug. 30 '10

Love it! Clever integration of the nib into a deer's antlers. The pin striping style is awesome, too!

Mikeymike said on Aug. 30 '10

thanks, koodoz, much appreciated.
not sure I follow, nido.
I made this name up in place of the writer's real name. This design ended up being put on the back burner, the writer felt this tied him down to much to deer hunting only. (even though most his work was 90% deer projects.) He wanted to break into other outdoor categories. We'll see if if he changes his mind.

michaelspitz said on Aug. 30 '10

Intriguing stuff Mikey!

Mikeymike said on Aug. 30 '10

Thanks, Michael, always appreciate your comments. :)

nido said on Aug. 30 '10

it's ok... I meant that "Mikes" seem to produce fine logo works... including Mr Spitz ;)

Mikeymike said on Aug. 30 '10

:) wow I need some sleep.

michaelspitz said on Aug. 30 '10

^Ha! ;) I'm with you buddy...

Mikeymike said on Aug. 31 '10

LOL, I read it now, nido. I finally got a good nights sleep. :)

lumavine said on Aug. 31 '10

Great work!

logoboom said on Sep. 01 '10

Nice. I wish the buck/pen image itself had some of the thick and thins present in all other elements.

Mikeymike said on Sep. 02 '10

good pint to consider, Mr. Logoboom. thanks.

junjun said on Dec. 06 '10

Looks awesome!

Mikeymike said on Dec. 07 '10

thanks, junjun!

cresk said on Feb. 25 '11

Seems we were on the same page with our fountain-pens. Nice work as always!

Mikeymike said on Feb. 25 '11

:) guess so. thanks for the comment, cresk. enjy your "writehouse"

Simon™ said on Mar. 11 '11

What a great logo, and a dream client - so specific! Don't you just hate those generic logo briefs? It would be funny if you did a version of the buck from behind (as a pun on 'tales'). ;-)

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