by milou • Uploaded: Apr. 26 '10
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Description: octopus done only with dots, to show only the suckers. and octopus head. hope this haven't been done before if yes show me. cheers!

As seen on: where octopusses are leaving their ink

Status: Just for fun

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: printcolorfulcolordotsdot

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ALL4LEO said on Apr. 26 '10

nice colours and whole composition.

milou said on Apr. 26 '10

Cheers Leo!

bigoodis said on Apr. 26 '10

interesting work man, very nice colors.

milou said on Apr. 26 '10

Thanks Ivan!

desdecero said on Apr. 26 '10

Simple, very nice work... two thumbs up..!

milou said on Apr. 26 '10

That's good to hear!

Mad Skimo said on Apr. 26 '10

Purple again! I know is your fav color Milou!

milou said on Apr. 27 '10

Hahaha! Purple rules indeed, you know that too Hector! (:

DavePrindle said on Apr. 27 '10

I really like the color use on this logo

agingersnaps said on Apr. 27 '10

very cool! Maybe I'm crazy but the L seems to be a little hard to read; it would just need to stick out a tiny bit more? Great work though!

milou said on Apr. 27 '10

Hey Jared, I agree with you, that's because I've cutted the upper part of the letters. I've corrected the l by giving it a tail. Thanks!

zibbidy said on Apr. 27 '10

I like the colors too.

gary said on Apr. 27 '10

this is cute!

nickosma said on Apr. 28 '10

cool colors :)

milou said on Apr. 28 '10

Dave, Amir, Gary, Nickolas - Thank you guys!

sbj said on Apr. 28 '10

nice abstraction... cool mr milou.

sbj said on Apr. 28 '10

hey like ur new site also :)

milou said on Apr. 28 '10

Oh, that's very good to hear sbj, I like it more then the previous one for sure (: & thanks for good words about this logo too, cheers!

JoePrince said on Apr. 28 '10

Nice work Milosz!

milou said on Apr. 28 '10

Joe! Thanks a bunch.

davidceo said on Apr. 30 '10

simple and very effective

milou said on May. 01 '10

Thanks David.

adri@n said on May. 04 '10

Not sure if I would really have got the octopus theme, but I don't think that matters. The mark is beautiful and as people have said, the colours work great.


pater said on May. 05 '10


mariagroenlund said on May. 05 '10

Like the simplicity! Elegant solution

milou said on May. 05 '10

Thank you fine folks, appreciated very much (:

logopunk said on May. 19 '10

nice to see purple being used :) I like..

Kliment said on May. 21 '10

Nice ;))

milou said on May. 23 '10

Logopunk & Kliment - Thanks fellas! (:

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