by Nitish • Uploaded: Apr. 22 '10
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Description: final - A lab equipment company. The mark is a formation of a DNA structure.

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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sbj said on Apr. 22 '10

mark is good... i think that DNA thing is not clear, if u want it not to be than its fine.

JoePrince said on Apr. 22 '10

Nice work nitish, clear as day! Sweeet.

michaelspitz said on Apr. 22 '10

Nice indeed! Very cool!

nitish.b said on Apr. 23 '10

^^^thx felozz...appreciate :)

brandsimplicity said on Apr. 23 '10

Do I see a double H in there, as in double helix...or am I just using a designer eye?

nitish.b said on Apr. 24 '10

^^^...interesting, thx anyways.

vernics said on Jun. 11 '10

Very nice =)

nitish.b said on Jun. 12 '10

^^^thx vernics

mabu said on Jul. 11 '10

Good stuff buddy.

nitish.b said on Jul. 12 '10

thx buddy...:)

Pierro said on Oct. 15 '10

Very nice nitish!

nitish.b said on Nov. 10 '10

hey thx pierro...:)

Bernd said on Aug. 08 '11

cool one ... simply great

nitish.b said on Aug. 09 '11

thx brend

ColinTierney said on Aug. 09 '11

i think the mark fits the company very well.

nitish.b said on Aug. 10 '11

^^^hey thx buddy

lumavine said on Aug. 10 '11

I do really like this and it does seem fitting, but I'm surprised no one mentioned how similar it is to Cisco.com

nitish.b said on Aug. 10 '11

yup i have been told that at my agency, but look again, the structure is different.

atomicvibe said on Aug. 10 '11

I don't think you have anything to worry about, Nitish. The only similarity to the Cisco logo are the rounded vertical lines, and even they are arranged differently, and to a different end. The type, the lockup, and the overall concept is totally different. Cisco's logo represents the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco; yours a DNA strand. I don't think Cisco is going to come knocking on your or Masmed's door with a "Cease And Desist" letter anytime soon.

nitish.b said on Aug. 11 '11

^ thx atomicvibe

vadimpaschenko said on Jun. 11 '16

Good stuff

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