Charles Hoffman

by Lecart • Uploaded: Apr. 21 '10
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Description: CH monogram experiment, furniture dealer.

As seen on: my portfolio

Status: Unused proposal

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: furniturehoffman

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Mikeymike said on Apr. 21 '10

nice solution combo for the "C" and "H". ^agree with Tnoy, seems fitting for a furniture business.

joeprince said on Apr. 21 '10

Looks great man. I don't think the type is a great match, but the mark is super cool!

ethereal said on Apr. 21 '10

Like this a lot, Lecart.

sbj said on Apr. 21 '10

hah really cool mark lecart..

tickey said on Apr. 22 '10

Yea, cool mark

mattmangion said on Apr. 22 '10

Nice one lecart!

Lecart said on Apr. 22 '10

Thanks mates! :)

janzabransky said on Apr. 22 '10

Good job on this, strong mark ... looks like a piece of some furniture.

Phane said on Apr. 22 '10

Very strong mark ! Good job mate!

barryconvex said on Apr. 22 '10

I know I did something similar (for Crossing Hollow films) but it was never used, it only had an upper case C and a half of the letter H (as negative space). Pretty much like this one:

Lecart said on Apr. 23 '10

^ hmm, i'm not quite sure how the half H would work, however, given the example you posted, i think these 2 can stand apart, would you agree?

nido said on Apr. 23 '10

stand apart???... you wouldn even find em dead in the same clothes!...

barryconvex said on Apr. 23 '10

Yes, sure I believe they can stand apart.

Lecart said on Apr. 28 '10

I've changed the typeface on this one, I think I'm onto a better match now. Joe?

JoePrince said on Apr. 28 '10

Yep, looks great mate. Dig the whole thing!

dotflo said on Jun. 21 '10

clever mark, good type choice

Lecart said on Jun. 23 '10

thanks florin, this one is among my favorites.

Noetic Brands said on Aug. 17 '10

Clever work man!

mabu said on Aug. 17 '10

Really interesting man.

lecart said on Aug. 18 '10

Thank you, appreciated!

lecart said on Mar. 01 '11

Hey guys, does anyone know what happened to Anthony Lane? It seems his showcase was deleted. I'm asking here because i wanted to reply to a comment of his.

JF said on Mar. 01 '11

Holy crap. So, all his floats and comments, he asked to delete them? Man, I liked the floats and comments he left. Too bad.

barryconvex said on Mar. 02 '11

"Floats" aren't some kind of imaginary currency in an alternate universe. Why should anyone's opinion be less important, if it doesn't appear here anymore?

goodfella2903 said on Mar. 02 '11

I like the logo a lot. I just think the logo and words should be brown and the background should be white. Just my opinion though. Nice work

lecart said on Mar. 02 '11

^ hey man, thank you! this is just the way i chose to showcase it here. check out the link "my portfolio" under the description to see how it looks in brown on light background.

dotflo said on Mar. 03 '11

:) nice to see this in the gallery, solid work here

Endy said on Mar. 11 '11

number one mark!

Ivaylo Nedkov said on Nov. 25 '11

Love it!:)
Great use of negative space!

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