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Description: Hi I'm a parrot, and I love nectar, seeds and some plants.

As seen on: where parrots are going to sleep

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Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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milou said on Apr. 07 '10

comments are more than welcome mates.

milou said on Apr. 07 '10

Thanks Tony if you really think so...

milou said on Apr. 07 '10

To be honest, I've made up this agency. And the whole project is for fun. Wanted to make some parrot lately, cuz I was crazy about them. So this is the deal ;)

bigoodis said on Apr. 08 '10

nice bird man :)

milou said on Apr. 08 '10

cheers bud!

myway999 said on Apr. 08 '10

milou is a funny guy, having fun. i like the parrot. Nice description:p put a light color on background so i can see it better...i love nectar too

mcdseven said on Apr. 08 '10

well executed milou. Are you going to add any type?

milou said on Apr. 09 '10

heheh myway999! Will do on other background with type, just need to finalize some things.

thanks mcdseven! I'm going, stay tuned.

logoholik said on Apr. 09 '10

hmm... myway999... that sounds familiar... Claude, so you're part of my team, huh? what team? Dude, waiting for your apologies for like months... Do not build your career on false advertising man... "wtf?":http://logoholik.com/myway999.png

@milou sorry for the hijack :) nice shading you got here :)

milou said on Apr. 09 '10

^ no probs Bojan. (weird situation by the way)

Logo is now updated with new wings & custom type, thanks for looking. Cheers!

milou said on Apr. 09 '10

Tony, you're sweet ;)

kathariney said on Apr. 09 '10

milo, for the sake of picking on the colour again, I wish the type is in colour, instead of just highlighting the colour on the wing .

i like this happy parrot by the way :)

ru_ferret said on Apr. 09 '10

I think you can do better, Milosz (:

nitish.b said on Apr. 09 '10

the parrot is actually laughing...:)

milou said on Apr. 09 '10


@Kate hmm, but the type in color motion won't play any good I think... (?) But I'm glad that you like the parrot :)

@Nikita Thanks, what needs improvement here in your opinion, I'll be very glad to hear it and make it better. I've spent so many hours on this one, so I want to make it the best I can for sure.

@Nitish yeh, she is, isn't she? :)

mcdseven said on Apr. 09 '10

nice type, nice parrot, nice job!

ru_ferret said on Apr. 09 '10

As for me, I like the hole look, however I think the wings look a little unnatural, a bit complicated.

milou said on Apr. 09 '10

Cheers Paul!

Nikita, I will think about making it little more simple and will try to do something with it (:

Pierro said on Apr. 09 '10

I really dig this logo, Milou!

milou said on Apr. 09 '10

Cheers Pierro!

oronoz ® said on Apr. 09 '10

Looks happy :)!! Love the wings!!

milou said on Apr. 09 '10

I'm very glad to hear that Alan Oronoz Madriles! :)

Bitencourt said on Apr. 10 '10

@MILOU! your parrot have cuted wings! Look on your pic on behance, Araras Brasileiras have long and pointed wings. :)

@Oronoz, i dont believe you like cuted araras wings lol.
here in brazil thats a crime!

Btw, its a great Arara :P

alexanderspliid said on Apr. 10 '10

Great colors as usual, would like to see it in a simplified shape though.

Lecart said on Apr. 11 '10

nice one milou.

milou said on Apr. 11 '10

@Breno Thanks for support buddy! Yes they have a wings like that! (: Although to make it more simply looking I've resigned of one umm 'tail wing' or whatever it is called.

@Alexander I appreciate it!

@Lecart Cheers!

maalysalem said on May. 08 '10

Hello, i want to buy the eps original design, is it possible???

maalysalem said on May. 08 '10

Hello, i want to buy the eps original design, is it possible??? and can i have the font too???

krinimal said on May. 08 '10

Lovely logo milou! kudos!

milou said on May. 08 '10

maalysalem - yes, feel free to contact me milooosz@gmail.com, and we will discuss it.

krinimal - I'm really glad to hear that! Thanks!

oski said on Jul. 14 '10

Good one again!

milou said on Jul. 14 '10

Thanks again!

Mikeymike said on Jun. 06 '11

nice Milou.

kappy1986 said on Jun. 06 '11

Friendly bird, and beautiful colors. Great one!

lumavine said on Jun. 07 '11

A blast from the past! Nice type work!!

cpuentes23 said on Jun. 07 '11

Very nice :)

milou said on Jun. 07 '11

Thanks for the nice comments mates :-)

filipev said on Jun. 07 '11

It's Milou's day. Look at all those gallery logos :P.

jonnyd said on Jun. 07 '11

WOW this is beautiful

milou said on Jun. 10 '11

Filipe & Jonny - Thanks fellas!

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