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Drew Schug is a digital marketer and strategic website designer who helps his clients develop long-term vision and the necessary short-term tactics to achieve their marketing and sales goals. He brings over 10 years of business building and cost-saving experience to the projects he is involved with. Drew has worked with Fortune 500/publicly traded organizations as well as individual attorney’s, real estate organizations, educational institutions, and side-by-side with marketing agencies. His diverse experience has ingrained in him the importance of measurable results and value creation that carries through to his interaction with each client.

Drew has produced innovative project opportunities and strategies to help clients gain competitive advantage and has managed social media and Search marketing campaigns that received coverage on over 15,000 Unique Daily Visitors. Drew Schug is also a seasoned programmer and, technical marketer, whose strength is working with new but proven technologies. His strong work ethic and ability to deal with both technologists and business owners is a tremendous asset to the companies he works with.


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