Dave Waite

A creative company, Zookeeper has helped brands be their own creature since 1999.

We partner with select clients in the sports and entertainment industry, like Nike, NBC and Disney.

We enjoy creating remarkable work for remarkable people who are seeking remarkable results.

We create branded entertainment.

We tell stories. Capture and animate them. And bring them to life.

We create identities. Ignite ideas. Build brands. And inspire loyal tribes.

We believe creativity will solve any problem. We believe magic happens once you uncage your imagination.

We help brands be bold. Provocative. Imaginative. And remembered.

We strive to come up with conceptual ideas that stick. Big ideas that surprise, delight and engage your customers.

Our passion drives us to build exceptional brands that dare to be different. That don’t just endure, but thrive.

Our work includes: Motion graphics, animation, naming, brand strategy, brand identity, logo design, tagline writing, content and copywriting, graphic design, illustration, advertising and website design, search-engine optimization, e-commerce and dynamic CMS implementation including WordPress.


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