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Beto Lima

_27 years experience in Art Direction and Graphic Design for all kind of client Member of THE ART DIRECTORS CLUB OF NEW YORK / USA since 1994.

- Experience in graphic production;
- Development of graphic projects, packing, campaigns of marketing, spots of sales and visual identity for big companies (Wal Petroleum, Shell, Nabisco);
- Participation in graphics exhibitions in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and in Brno / Czech Republic;
- Works and articles presented in publications specialized in marketing and design, like: ABIGRAF Magazine, DESIGN & INTERIORES, TALENT 98', TALENT PHOTO 2001, PRINT, TALENT DESIGN RIO, NOVUM, THE CATALOGUE OF BRNO BIENNIAL 94', URGENT DESIGN/2000 Magazine, O GLOBO Newspaper, EXPORT Magazine;
- I worked at Slogan / Porto and EURORSCG Design / Lisbon, as Art Director and Graphic Designer while in Portugal, 1996, having also been sent to work in Madrid, Valence, Paris and London;
- Participation in workshops as a lecturer about design and communication in Design and Advertising Universities;
- In 1998, I worked as a GraphicDesign teacher in the intensive design course at the ESPM - Superior School of Publicity and Marketing / Rio;
- In 2007, I studied for master in design at the ESDI/UERJ, Escola Superior de Desenho Industrial do Rio de Janeiro / http://www.esdi.uerj.br
- Since 2008, I work as a teacher in the Intensive Branding Course at the FACHA: www.facha.edu.br
- Since 2009, I work as a teacher in the Intensive Branding Course at the UVA: www.uva.br
- Since 2009, I work as a teacher in the ONLINE Branding Course, EADFACHA: www.ead.facha.edu.br


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