by Icono_Design • Uploaded: Jan. 22 '10

Description: Logo for a construction company

Status: Unused proposal

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: argentinasaltaengineeringingenieriaconstruction company

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mcdseven said on Jan. 22 '10

I like this. But there is certain things I would do differently. The type is weak and doesn't suggest 'Construction' I would use a stencil/industrial style font like United Stencil https://www.houseind.com/catalog/.

I would also change the color to Yellow and black, classic construction colors. But apart from that I really like the mark.

sdijock said on Jan. 22 '10

Nice mark, but I'm not sure I like the font choice.

nitish.b said on Jan. 22 '10

I like wr this is going...very interesting...:D

sdijock said on Jan. 22 '10

BTW - I disagree with mcdseven about the colors. The whole purpose of a logo is to stand out from your competition. Why would you want to be like every other construction company by using black and yellow? This logo isn't really an industrial style type of mark - it's actually more architectural, which is a refreshing change from the typical construction type of icon.

mcdseven said on Jan. 22 '10

@sdijock... I agree that every construction company probably use Black and Yellow, but this is such an interesting mark I would imagine if it had a black and yellow scheme it would look better than most of its rivals... but you also have a valid point on the mark been more suited to Architecture or even Architectural engineering... would love to see this as you go further up the tower for the solid blocks to be in an outline so it going from solid to wireframe. Still a very nice mark regardless of color.

icono_design said on Jan. 22 '10

mcdseven, sdijock and nitish.b, thanks for your comments. In fact, as sdijock said, this mark is for an architect, who construct his own projects. Sorry guys, for my english... I hope you understand me!

mcdseven said on Jan. 22 '10

well I stand corrected! :) very nice mark. Good luck.

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