by Logomotive • Uploaded: Dec. 23 '08
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Description: Trust logotype. The message is symbolized in the 2 crosses. The letters a mirrored sort of an ambigram. The opposite message to this design can be seen here http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/48859

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LoGoBoom said on Dec. 23 '08

I hate you.

itsgareth said on Dec. 23 '08

LOL!!!! ^ This is cool.

epsilon said on Dec. 23 '08

Hust ? Lust ? Ahhh .. Trust !

logomotive said on Dec. 23 '08

Cheers guys. I have an OPPOSITE design of this one.Will post after CHRISTmas.

joder said on Dec. 23 '08

LOL @ GoBoom, I was thinking "ya that's prob. LogoMotive" while looking at the thumbnails. I don't like the guy either, what a big showoff LOL.

Kode said on Dec. 24 '08

Beautiful work man!

logomotive said on Dec. 24 '08

Glen and Joder, ;-(

Thanks Kode, :-)

lundeja said on Dec. 24 '08

You have a great eye, that's for sure.

coraud said on Dec. 25 '08

cool indeed!

logomotive said on Dec. 25 '08

^^^Thanks, the symmetry is because I tried somewhat of an ambigram.

fishinapond said on Dec. 25 '08

I am liking this ambigram

deo said on Dec. 26 '08

great logo

bahrouh said on Dec. 27 '08


tkhoury said on Dec. 28 '08

logomotive (wow)

datasky said on Dec. 31 '08

big up!

datasky said on Dec. 31 '08

btw: www.logodesignlove.com/ambigram-logos

luiz_adelino said on Dec. 31 '08


logomotive said on Jan. 02 '09

Thanks guys, that Bella's (fishinapond) pretty hot!

aaina said on Jan. 03 '09

That's very creative. Love the way it flows. Good job.

artstander said on Jan. 05 '09

amazing logo; great work here.

rambal said on Jan. 09 '09

nice ambigram.

I owe you

Kliment said on Jan. 10 '09


antoniomou said on Jan. 10 '09

very great mirror/job

koma said on Jan. 25 '09

nice'n'smooth, like C.L.

bugbug said on Feb. 08 '09

Oooooommm. I feel at one with this. Very nice logo.

hindmarshdesign said on Feb. 08 '09


logoholik said on Jun. 18 '09

This one too...

logomotive said on Jan. 07 '10

Oh BTW feel like a dork. Have not looked at this one forever. Thanks for all your comments.

JoePrince said on Jan. 07 '10

Beautiful Mike.

bluehaus said on Apr. 26 '10

Beautiful ambigram! Nice work.

Dana Kanso said on May. 15 '10

Great symmetry - Love the logo

logomotive said on Jul. 22 '11

Thanks Joe, bluehaus and Dana.

kız oyunları said on Oct. 18 '11

Beautiful Mike.

sbj said on Dec. 16 '11

hey mike..chk this link

logomotive said on Dec. 16 '11

ugh, not again, Just got done with that. Wheres the Trust in people?

Type08 said on Dec. 16 '11

WTF is logo wallpaper design? :)

Stefan-ka said on Jan. 23 '12


Id like to have contact with the creator of this logo...
Please contact me on stefan_kanalga_1@hotmail.com for more informations...


Stefan Kanalga

arshsayed said on Jun. 17 '13

interested in purchasing the rights of this particular logo.

would like to have a word with the creator.

please drop me a mail on arshsayed@gmail.com at the earliest.

thanks and have a good day.


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