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Description: university project group for a semester work at the universtiy of Fine Arts, Berlin

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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ubikdesign said on Jul. 14 '08

good colour scheme, and nice clean type, im liking this!

supermandru said on Jul. 14 '08


stevenf said on Jul. 14 '08

Very pretty. I like the colors very much. The type works well with the graphic.

TernaciousT said on Jul. 14 '08

Sweet as a button, love the colours and transparencies

jayred said on Jul. 14 '08

No Clash, it's not just you. Both the E and the A don't look as extended as the rest of the type, and the A definitely looks thinner as well.

Thomas said on Jul. 15 '08

Very nice logo Linda.

thesergie said on Jul. 17 '08

i'm liking the colors and the logo, but the type seems too squeezed vertically, so it takes a little longer to process.

lindadesign said on Jul. 21 '08

thanx a lot for your comments. I appreciate your constructive critics.

huyendesigner said on Jul. 22 '08

oh, very good !

sub0grfx said on Sep. 16 '08


demiphonic said on Sep. 20 '08

This is one of (if not THE BEST) logo I've ever seen. I loved it so much I duplicated it at home.

Now remember when working with transparencies that the background colour dictates the overall look of the logo, in this case we are using dark grey.

Basically a cube is hexagon turned on its side (without lines in the middle of the shape), so to start you need 4 hexagons.

Merge the hexagons to form the overall diamond shape. Now set the base colours of each hexagon / cube & use a 72% transparency. Now you will notice the overlapping of the hexagons give the illusion that you have 4 cubes! (the edges of each hexagon double as the middle lines for each cube.)

Create a white diamond for the base. (use the extrude & Bevel effect in Adobe Illustrator to give the white diamond just a little height & Expand Apparence)
Duplicate the white diamond slab underneath the first - 3 times & turn those 3 diamond slabs black. (group or merge them to make working easier)

Now you just have to duplicate & mirror the hexagons / cubes underneath the black diamond slab, then set the transparency to 60 so it looks like a reflection.

You will end up with a near perfect replica, most will not be able to tell the difference. Though for the life of me I cannot get the same vibrancy in the right most corner of the green hexagon without disturbing the colours near the centre. I suspect he used a white shape to the back of the green hexagon on that side alone to increase the vibrancy? Who knows :p He got me there. :D

fogra said on Sep. 20 '08

@demiphonic: You could've spared us your long, pointless tutorial. Oh, and "he" is actually a "she"!

gthobbs said on Sep. 20 '08

The best logo you've ever seen and the oddest post I've ever seen.

Why in the world would I want to build a near perfect replica of this? and even if I did, I could simply look at it and and do it. It's not brain surgery.

P.S. if you punch all the shapes and actually use cmyk/rgb build variants at 100% opacity it takes the transparency, and therefore the background color, out of play making it much more versatile.

logomotive said on Sep. 20 '08

He must hang out with TheArtist ;-]

demiphonic said on Sep. 20 '08

hey no need to be mean guys. I just like the logo.. & enjoyed replicating it. It helped me become better in designing. I just thought someone else could try it out like I did. (hence the basic tutorial)

guess I was wrong. Have a nice day all.

sdijock said on Sep. 22 '08

demi - looking forward to your tutorial on the AT&T globe logo...

demiphonic said on Sep. 22 '08

hahaha quit joshin me. lol

I like that one too actually. The updated design is new & fresh yet still retains the overall look of the old one :p great design. :)

Mason Roberts said on Jul. 24 '09

Not 100% on the A there, looks out of place width wise... Keep on chuggin! :)

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