Core Cider

by Laytoncreative • Uploaded: Jun. 19 '08
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Description: Core Cider, Perth Western Australia. Chosen design, packaging currently in development.

Studio: Braincells

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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firebrand said on Jun. 20 '08

Great mark and execution. Maybe the colour makes it a little 'pear' like.

sdijock said on Jun. 20 '08

Great mark. Nice font choice too - custom?

OcularInk said on Jun. 20 '08

Very nice, b3nder. This is different enough from the logo dache referenced. Nice work.

hellouriah said on Jun. 20 '08

what are the cuts in the type for? love the colors.

b3nder said on Jun. 20 '08

Thanks dache. I think that is meant to be a corkscrew though, completely different concept.

@Helloriah: The cuts in the type were added just to customise the typeface. I think that they compliment the mark while not over powering it.

Thanks for the comments

mentelibre1 said on Jun. 20 '08

esta idea esta mucho mejor, mas clara y tienen mas impacto visual, felicidades!

Lawrence Anderson said on Jun. 20 '08

Good concept, great execution.

Respiro said on Jun. 21 '08

Congrats! It's a beauty!

Kwaku said on Jun. 21 '08


Hayes Image said on Jun. 22 '08

love it!!

koodoz said on Jun. 22 '08

Really cool, but I agree with firebrand and colour looking a little 'pearish'

sarah_chinn said on Jun. 22 '08

I like it, but I think the color could be a little different. It looks like a simple pear to me. And I think it just looks a little too much. I think you can make it a little more simple.

leighton_hubbell said on Jun. 22 '08

Great concept. I don't think it's too complex or overworked at all. Perhaps the color needs some adjustment. Nice job.

gthobbs said on Jun. 23 '08

Very nice. I agree with the color comments.

b3nder said on Jun. 23 '08

Thanks for the comments. Colours updated.

Respiro said on Jun. 24 '08

Why the new symbol-colors?! I'm sad... :(

itsgareth said on Jun. 24 '08

I think the green worked better, a darker, richer green rather than the "pear-like" green shown before.-

artboy said on Jun. 24 '08

I really like the new colour, makes it more apple-y than pear-y. Technical terms, I know...

OcularInk said on Jun. 24 '08

I like the new colors. Much more effective.

smartinup said on Jun. 24 '08

just to weigh in, i liked the granny smith colors better.

mdavis682 said on Jun. 24 '08

I really like these colors. I think they are spot on and make it feel much more "apple." You can almost taste it by just looking at the mark

Naekie said on Jun. 24 '08

Nice twist in the tail! Very nice!

smartinup said on Jun. 24 '08

what type of apples does this company use to create their cider? Many cider companies pride themselves on there choice of blends. So maybe its as simple as using colors that match their chosen apples.

evertonline said on Jun. 24 '08

creative logo! Nice twist.

koodoz said on Jun. 26 '08

I prefer the red, but it seems a little washed out still. It would be amazing if you could simulate the reddy-green colours of an apple as a vector based texture. Although, that would probably cause all kinds of printing grievances ...

b3nder said on Jun. 26 '08

After much deliberation I have reverted back to the green. The updated green is slightly darker than the previous version.

@clashmore: The bottle lip is quite pronounced when viewed at a larger size. The current label design has the bottle graphic displayed at just under 90mm so the lip is very clear. I think it just looks a little out of place at this size.

sailendra said on Jun. 27 '08

What I'm loving about this site is the wide diversity of styles and divergent opinions. Love the concept and execution, Brett. Didn't like the red, but I still prefer your original green (despite the pearish connotation). It was more evocative of the crisp, fresh taste you'd expect from a cider - just goes to show you can't please everyone!

An old Buddhist master once said, "First thought, best thought" : )

davebrenner said on Jul. 02 '08

I see pear at first glance as well but the word Cider brings me back to earth. Nice execution and design.

raja said on Sep. 29 '08

how do I miss all these awesome logos! Excellent showcase B3ender

mhdesign said on Oct. 02 '08

like the color, it actually looks like cider.

hipcheck said on Nov. 14 '08

just brilliant.

b3nder said on Nov. 14 '08

Mark and type updated to version chosen by client.

Type08 said on Mar. 24 '09

Love this logo! Well done!

mabu said on Jun. 21 '09

This is amazing. Love it!

andreiu said on Jun. 27 '09

great potential in this one :)

alterego said on Apr. 01 '10

love this ...beautiful mark

contrast8 said on Jun. 10 '10

great mark:)

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