18 Parkway

by Laytoncreative • Uploaded: Dec. 19 '07
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Description: Branding for a new office block development in Perth, Western Australia

Studio: Braincells

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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bpotstra said on Dec. 19 '07


ryantoyota said on Dec. 19 '07

You pulled this off nicely. I didn't even see the 18 at first, which I think is a good thing.

alfadark said on Dec. 20 '07

Very nice!

rfrusso said on Dec. 20 '07

This cool. Great job for sure.

vld said on Dec. 20 '07

Clever idea! One thing, it looks like kerning is not good.

dache said on Dec. 20 '07

"Second result on google images":http://www.jcparra.com/EIGHTEEN-logo.jpg

Same, obvious concept with another font.

smartinup said on Dec. 20 '07

while i think this is great, being a golfer, i have seen this before as well, sorry b3nder

ethren said on Dec. 20 '07

Me too, I'm affraid%u2014http://www.restaurant18.com/

ethren said on Dec. 20 '07

Oops, I've gotta watch those special characters

b3nder said on Dec. 20 '07

Thanks for the feedback. I guess that is what this site is good for. I honestly hadn't seen a logo like this until I clicked the links above. The logo is still in the conept phase at the moment so alterations can be made. :)

brat_n said on Dec. 20 '07

Very cool idea : )

bpotstra said on Dec. 21 '07

If this is for a logo to be used in Australia, there are already two similar logos in North America, so I'd say not to worry.

Henriko said on Dec. 22 '07

Very very cool idea ;-)

OcularInk said on Dec. 27 '07

To me, this concept has been used far too much to be appreciated. You've done a nice job creating it, but as a designer, it's our job to think outside of the box.

datasky said on Dec. 31 '07


designnectar said on Jan. 16 '08

beauty of creativity...

deepside said on Oct. 29 '08

just clever,

ddd said on Oct. 29 '08

This number to letters and back thing has been done to death. I like it and it is cool and all. But it is now way to cliche'.

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