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Description: Logo for a sportswear society. (Ju-jitsu)

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Commenting: Not seeking critique, comments fine

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nido said on Nov. 26 '07

i like this a lot! very nice.. my kinda logo!...though i think the V could be bought in a little closer to the A.. what font is that?

logomotive said on Nov. 26 '07

Nido, that looks like Microgamma bold. I also like this logo but it kind of reminds me of a Cobra because of the shape and jawline, but I guess thats cool because it's unique.

firebrand said on Nov. 26 '07

Yeah, this is nice. What animal or creature is it?

nido said on Nov. 26 '07

i think mike said it was a liobra!

winger said on Nov. 26 '07

I like the mark man:) Kerning could be improved though. BTW the font looks like eurostile and the creature looks like a cobra jaguar to me lol

OcularInk said on Nov. 26 '07

It's pretty much my favorite animal. It's like a lion and a cobra mixed... bred for its skills in Ju-jitsu.

Great logo, man!!

Areadesign said on Nov. 26 '07

Thank for your comments! Yes, the font is the Eurostile and the animal a lion turning is head.

rfrusso said on Nov. 26 '07

I read once (on a designer's blog) that you should never use Eurostile. But I think it works here. Nice mark, too.

firebrand said on Nov. 26 '07

Oh yeah, I see the mane.

ahab said on Nov. 26 '07

I saw the lion and love it, I like the use of eurostile and I love Oc's comment.

But what do I know?

This is very nice.

admarcbart said on Nov. 26 '07

Does anyone else see the "Thundercats Logo":

rfrusso said on Nov. 26 '07

ThunderCats HO!

'bout time we'll see another re-make in theaters...

OcularInk said on Nov. 26 '07

I can see the similarities, but this one definitely stands on it's own.

Areadesign said on Nov. 26 '07

Yes I'm a fan of Thundercats...since twenty years. I worked for the mouth in that way and for the "hair" I'm a fan of "link text":
dragonball Z too.

abeall said on Nov. 26 '07

Awesome! I saw a lion... didn't see a Cobra but the jaw did make me wonder if it was a hairy dragon after I saw it was for Ju-jitsu.

Interestingly, it reminded me (not in a negative way) of the "CAT": logo or a construction bobcat just because of the construction-yellow color and the feline connotation. :)

raja said on Nov. 26 '07

so nice to look at - does not need type

Lephew Design said on Nov. 26 '07


dustangel said on Nov. 26 '07

this is excelent

logomotive said on Nov. 26 '07

For the record the type here is Microgamma OR eurostile. however you may call it.

logomotive said on Nov. 26 '07

I mean MICROGRAMMA! and the reason I say this is because it's all UPPERCASE. Eurostile has both.

OcularInk said on Nov. 26 '07

Yea, Mike...we get it. Shut up already!!

logomotive said on Nov. 26 '07

Stick it where the sum don't shine!

dache said on Nov. 27 '07

This reminded me of the "Lion Kings Scar":

I find the line defining the ear could be thick so it scale a little better.
It could benefit from some kerning such as bringing the 'A' closer to the 'V'.

OcularInk said on Nov. 27 '07

@ logomotive : LOL!!

@ dache : Does that mean you like it?

winger said on Nov. 28 '07

Try appreciating someone's work for a change, dache.

dache said on Nov. 28 '07

Just because there is a critique does not mean there is no appreciation of the design.

winger said on Nov. 28 '07

I know, I'm just sayin' why don't you put the appreciation first and the critique next..? You're always comin' out shouting.. hey that's so wrong, your F in the mark is an uppercase and this is in lowercase.. Doesn't fit. This reminds me of this bleh bleh bleh..

chandramarsono said on Nov. 28 '07

I really love the logo and the name. But when you put JuJitsu in it, I'm just lost.

believe said on Nov. 29 '07

The mark is clean and readable but I have an issue with the hump on the back behind the head. It goes too far into the head and the face needs a bit more work, me thinks. Aside from this, its good

brat_n said on Nov. 30 '07

I like it man : )

optimusdesign said on Feb. 14 '09

this is awesome!

andreiu said on Dec. 12 '09

very cool and very strong mark!

oliver13 said on Oct. 12 '10

Great logo Alberto :) I like it
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