Love letters

by Laytoncreative • Uploaded: Mar. 04 '13
Gallerized Mar. '13 bcce4a735227c55735d8362fcb6ccb45.png

Description: Love letters application logo.

Studio: Layton Creative

Status: Unused proposal

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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cnasshan said on Mar. 04 '13

Love how there's an 'L' in the mark.

bartodell said on Mar. 05 '13

Simple, elegant and a nice logo.

samdemastrie said on Mar. 05 '13

I wish the heart was a little bigger so the flap of the envelope reached the edges. Nice idea though.

herbert light said on Mar. 05 '13

^ Agree with Sam but nice concept all the same

effendy said on Mar. 05 '13


gopsokla said on Mar. 05 '13

This is clever.

I always loved playing with Heart shape :)

laytoncreative said on Mar. 05 '13

Thanks for the feedback.

@samdemastrie @herbert light With the flap of the envelope reaching the edges, the heart no longer fits inside the envelope. I thought it was more important to make the heart fit inside while still retaining the idea. :)

pausedsn said on Mar. 05 '13


herbert light said on Mar. 06 '13

Layton - I see what you're saying but I would still prefer the flap to extend to the corners. This is just my thoughts though and I really think it's a great, simple concept all the same!

LOGOMOTIVE said on Mar. 07 '13

I really enjoy the simplicity in this mark.Just out of curiosity, I wonder if you made the heart solid red if it would make it stronger?

JohnDervishi said on Mar. 08 '13

Very nice idea.

uscila said on Mar. 12 '13

Agree with others. Simpe and elegant logo! :)

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