Phoenix Technology

by HanDan0529 • Uploaded: Mar. 07 '12
Gallerized Mar. '12 8bccbe1c1a6781476fe7b6475ccfd636.png

Description: 1、十条太阳光线组成丹凤朝阳寓意企业美好前景;

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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Hayes Image said on Mar. 07 '12

What a great mark!!!

gulsaran said on Mar. 07 '12

very good ..

nandy said on Mar. 08 '12

It has good looks, good job

szende said on Mar. 09 '12

... don't know what the description says but looks awesome ...

effendy said on Mar. 09 '12

Brilliant mark! Very great use of gradients on mark!

vergad said on Mar. 10 '12


cpuentes23 said on Mar. 12 '12


hm-himera said on Mar. 12 '12

All the cool, especially description =)

yhanktou said on Mar. 12 '12


designabot said on Mar. 13 '12


studioanis said on Mar. 13 '12

great work

carlitoone said on Mar. 13 '12


florisvoorveld said on Mar. 13 '12

No idea what the description says but this shit rocks!

Mikeymike said on Mar. 13 '12

S O L I D !

Sean Heisler said on Mar. 13 '12

Yeah, very nice!

leiliu_net said on Mar. 13 '12


leiliu_net said on Mar. 13 '12


garychew1984 said on Mar. 14 '12

this is nice!!!

gedio said on Mar. 14 '12


JRG said on Mar. 14 '12

The fluidity is beautiful

logoboom said on Mar. 14 '12

I've seen a LOT of phoenix logos over the years. this one is a standout.

victor_bartis said on Mar. 15 '12

looks good. i would love to see it all black

Pntrivedy said on Mar. 15 '12

Royal one.

wlk89 said on Mar. 16 '12

look good.

pjmaster said on Mar. 17 '12

Quite nice.

Jazz89 said on Mar. 20 '12

Nice work, reminds me of this one: http://newbeatsmusic.de/dateien/2010/03/schwarze_dose_28-580x300.jpg

It's a german Energy Drink.

ocularink said on Apr. 05 '12

YES! That mark is so fantastic. Job well done!

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