Zuro marketing

by bigoodis • Uploaded: Feb. 29 '12
Gallerized Mar. '12 c733c052dfb24a0b968176ba49d344df.png

Description: Zuro marketing.

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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Type and Signs said on Feb. 29 '12

awesome man ... awesome !!

chanpion said on Feb. 29 '12

Kool! It's not moving...but it is!

sbdesign said on Feb. 29 '12

Congrats Vano!

milou said on Feb. 29 '12

Duck of the year!

LadyGrey said on Feb. 29 '12

Cute ducky

bigoodis said on Feb. 29 '12

Thanks a lot for comments! Much appreciate it :)

yuro said on Feb. 29 '12

super duck!

bigoodis said on Feb. 29 '12

Thanks Yuri!

cerise said on Feb. 29 '12


t-sovo said on Feb. 29 '12

congrats indeed:)

1ta said on Feb. 29 '12

nice style :o)

george.wood said on Feb. 29 '12


bigoodis said on Feb. 29 '12

Thanks for all comments! Really appreciate it!

nandy said on Mar. 01 '12

Cool ilustration I like

pjmaster said on Mar. 04 '12

One of your best definitely.

bigoodis said on Mar. 06 '12

Thanks a lot.

bigoodis said on Mar. 19 '12

UPD with type.

effendy said on Mar. 19 '12

Brilliant work Ivan!

bigoodis said on Mar. 19 '12

Thanks man.

milou said on Mar. 20 '12

I can't stop looking on it, these shapes and colors are going so well together.

PerfectBlue said on Mar. 20 '12

Kinda curious how this might look in b&w.

malicho said on Mar. 20 '12

diggin the duck!

vasvari said on Mar. 20 '12

Wonderful illustration!

artmns2 said on Mar. 20 '12

Zdorovo. Bez logotipa pravda bol'we nravilsya)

square69 said on Mar. 20 '12

This is wonderful!

bigoodis said on Mar. 20 '12

Wow, thanks for comments and thanks for gallery spot! :)

slaterdesign said on Mar. 20 '12

Looking good buddy!

vorox said on Mar. 20 '12

awesome movement

newIdea said on Mar. 20 '12

Great use of color!

raja said on Mar. 20 '12

this is lovely

bigoodis said on Mar. 21 '12

Thanks a lot for nice words! :)

Mikeymike said on Mar. 21 '12

Great piece. And solid with that font choice. So nice, Ivan.

bigoodis said on Mar. 21 '12

Thanks a lot Mike! :)

tpcoyote said on Mar. 22 '12

Ducktastic! Love the layering.

headdow said on Mar. 23 '12

Great Work!!! I would like to see in Black and White version

bigoodis said on May. 15 '13

Thanks for comments fellas! Much appreciate it :)

alexwende said on Aug. 09 '13

Good Stuff!!

bigoodis said on Aug. 09 '13

Thanks bud :)

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