by macov • Uploaded: Apr. 21 '11
Gallerized Apr. '11 9067d3e88466b4a2f6da0bb5b12c57af.png

Description: Made in a graphic studio Fajne Chłopaki.

As seen on: www.fajnechlopaki.com

Status: Unused proposal

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: insurancechlopakifajnered

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nitish.b said on Apr. 21 '11


javaap said on Apr. 21 '11

The subtext is really hard to read here, but "Oneline" looks great!!

vergad said on Apr. 21 '11


macov said on Apr. 22 '11


Jonnyd said on Apr. 22 '11

Nice style

nido said on Apr. 22 '11

yeah this is very nice... something about the e's that looks like it could do with tightening up... especially the end of the last one... just a little cleaning...

Tømme said on Apr. 23 '11

liking it

ru_ferret said on Apr. 23 '11

Nice curves!

vernics said on Apr. 23 '11

Stellar stuff!

milou said on Apr. 23 '11

Zarabiste typo.

LadyGrey said on Apr. 23 '11

Cool line!

Mikeymike said on Apr. 25 '11

LIKE! nice feel to this one for sure.

Leoramires said on Apr. 25 '11

Great type, it's very soft.

cresk said on Apr. 25 '11

lovely rhythm..

action said on Apr. 26 '11

i love this type dude!

crislabno said on Apr. 26 '11

dales popalic

theMilo said on Apr. 26 '11

nice... colors are great :)

nathantrafford said on Apr. 26 '11

i'm with nido. nice, but i think it needs just one more round of fine tuning. Both 'e's are pretty large and awkward feeling, while one 'n' almost reads as an 'h' and the other 'n' could be read as an 'm'. I'd try doing something with the final outgoing curve of the 'e', too, as when looked at quickly it can read as 'Oneliner'. Just a few small things i noticed about an overall lovely mark

hamidos said on Apr. 26 '11

wow.. nice shape .. simple and clean..

leo said on Apr. 26 '11


webcore said on Apr. 26 '11

Really nice!

logoboom said on Apr. 26 '11

Very nice typography.

Pierro said on Apr. 28 '11

very well welcome!

pjmaster said on Apr. 28 '11

Great feel with this typo!

baluqa said on May. 01 '11

looka nice! :)

nickosma said on May. 02 '11


Mootto Studio said on May. 02 '11

I like it / super logo ;)

hanuman shakti said on Aug. 25 '11

nice line flow, fluidly nice :)

neilan said on Sep. 24 '11

dobrze pisane

kaplon said on Jun. 05 '12

Master !

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