by JRF • Uploaded: Apr. 11 '11
Gallerized Apr. '11 270d161a4c4d8b3d1105ee4f47c96180.png

Description: Creative Photo Design Studio (russian text)

Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: submarine camera

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richardbaird said on Apr. 11 '11

Nice illustration

LadyGrey said on Apr. 11 '11

Bool-bool, but don't Galina Blanca - ha-ha!

JRF said on Apr. 11 '11

haha, Alena ^_^

LadyGrey said on Apr. 11 '11

Hi-hi, Stanislav!

13mu said on Apr. 11 '11

Klass! Molotok!

AnyGivenSunday said on Apr. 11 '11

sweet illustration, mate.

JRF said on Apr. 11 '11

thanks, for floats and comments!

JRF said on Apr. 11 '11

Den, tvoya shkola)

logoturn said on Apr. 11 '11

take or leave the font, but that illustration is super cool!!

13mu said on Apr. 11 '11

Neee, tol'ko trs4iny :)))

13mu said on Apr. 11 '11


13mu said on Apr. 11 '11

tres4iny )

lumavine said on Apr. 11 '11

Wow this is spectacular!

andreiu said on Apr. 11 '11

this is lovely!

ALL4LEO said on Apr. 11 '11

Unique style, love this, expected to see this one in gallery ;)
Exclusive compliments for colors!

Agencija said on Apr. 11 '11

Nice detailed logo!! Liked very much and funny!!

JRF said on Apr. 11 '11

Thank you very much!

dotflo said on Apr. 12 '11

very good work

lkwdart said on Apr. 12 '11

really fun and jumps off the page. and oh so memorable.

raja said on Apr. 12 '11

this is cool, esp' the beatles reference

lefty said on Apr. 13 '11

we all live in a yellow submarine... sorry :) can't stop hearing this song since i saw this beauty!

S.vanElderen said on Apr. 13 '11

this instantly remembered me of the lovely yellow submarine <3

sbdesign said on Apr. 13 '11

I here think - can the worship before infant will end sometime?

pjmaster said on Apr. 14 '11


femili said on Apr. 15 '11

zdorovo )

free vector said on Apr. 17 '11

love it

1pxrgba said on Apr. 18 '11

Great choice of colours. I really like this.

Hunter3d said on May. 24 '11

Great composition and illu, love the collors and the type stile too, but i think looks like OKEAH. Easy fix for this =]

atomicvibe said on Aug. 15 '11

I love this one! The illustration and type are a lot of fun. I've been meaning to float it and leave a comment for a while now. Great work!

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