by Lefty • Uploaded: Oct. 28 '10
Gallerized Sep. '11 938527678d8e7e878442a2c26e3ee0cf.png

Description: just an idea of a brand

Status: Just for fun

Commenting: Not seeking critique, comments fine

Tags: mayamayazemaze

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lefty said on Oct. 29 '10

Thanks for the comment mate and thanks for the floats guys, very much appreciated :)

Bernd said on Apr. 07 '11

cool work ... could be a strong brand ... art, architecture, electronics, consultancy .... who knows !?

lefty said on Apr. 07 '11

very much thanks Bernd

action said on Apr. 12 '11

I like it! Great idea :)

lefty said on Apr. 13 '11

Thanks a lot Paul :)

cnasshan said on Sep. 27 '11

Reminded me of a circuit board.

sbj said on Sep. 27 '11

nice color play...

Agencija said on Sep. 28 '11

nice it is computer or media brand?

lefty said on Sep. 28 '11

cnasshan, sbj, Agencija, many thanks. At start i had a computer brand like a microcyhip manufacturer but i think it could work for a media about high tech content...

LP Team, thanks very much for the galery spot :)
..and thanks to the swimmers too :)

lumavine said on Sep. 28 '11

Nice to see this one featured. I always wondered how you did the gradients. Is it separate gradients or a mesh or what? I have always tried to avoid gradient mesh because it doesn't translate well outside of Adobe software.

lefty said on Sep. 29 '11

Hey lumavine, nice to read you :) it is separate gradients shaped whith clipping masks.

Type and Signs said on Sep. 29 '11

congrats for being gallerized !!

lefty said on Oct. 01 '11

Thanks a lot Bernd :) !!

Artgeko said on Nov. 10 '11

Graphically very cool implemented sign!

LEFTY said on Nov. 11 '11

Thanks again Gennady :)

balic said on Mar. 07 '12

Very nice mark, and I like Maya - Maze word-play!

lefty said on Mar. 07 '12

Thanks balic, i'm glad you like it :)

nydesign said on Aug. 03 '12

thats a pretty mark.

lefty said on Aug. 03 '12

thanks nydesign and thanks all for your floats :)

Atomicvibe said on Aug. 03 '12

Love it. I remember seeing this a while back, but never got a chance to comment. Love the gradient usage.

lefty said on Aug. 04 '12

Thanks Jon, your love goes straight to my heart :)

Lefty said on Sep. 04 '14

i can't believe what i have just saw, it is not possible. I just register to lynda.com to get course to do better logo design and to my huge surprise this logo is on the poster video and in the intro is mentioned as one of the best logo in the genre ever done, by Bill Gardner from LogoLounge. i'm quite stunned.


ClimaxDesigns said on Sep. 04 '14

Do you have a logolounge account? and if you do is this one of the logos uploaded to their site? im asking because i believe if you upload to the logolounge site in their fine print you may give them permission to use it for whatever they want in terms of promoting the site or the. gets a bit sticky offsite, might want to send logolounge an email and ask them whats up

Lefty said on Sep. 05 '14

Nooooooo, i have a logo lounge account but i don't want the logo to be remove :D i want the right to display the free intro video on my web site ;)))))))

Honestly i don't think that logo deserves so much, but could be good argument for my prospect to watch in my portfolio site. Just marketing....

And it's been a long time where i didn't post logo to LP, it because for a long time i was involved in a project not as designer, but more for my experience in ergonomy, and i didn't do a logo.

Is LP ill ? if remember well last time there was 10x or more comments/day ?

ClimaxDesigns said on Sep. 05 '14

hahaha cheers.
No LP is still chugging along, the fine polish and veneer of newest has rubbed off and we are now entering adolescence, stats have flattened out in terms of new users, but everything and i mean everything else has gone up in terms of how long people stay on the site, how many pages they visit per visit etc.

Feels like cruise control rather than foot on the gas of the early years. Just a new phase/era, really all sites go through them, its a maturation process.

Lefty said on Sep. 05 '14

I think i have you e-mail in my contact or through linked in. Can we have a private conversation (a long conversation i mean or the start of it....) ?

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