Falcon Express

by ru_ferret • Uploaded: Sep. 25 '10
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Description: transportation company

Status: Unused proposal

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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vintage_chic said on Sep. 25 '10

I like this one a lot :)

palattecorner said on Sep. 25 '10

me too:)

JohnBoerckel said on Sep. 25 '10

me too :)

Nickhood said on Sep. 25 '10

Me three!

ru_ferret said on Sep. 26 '10

Thanks friends.

richardbaird said on Sep. 26 '10

I really like the simplicity of this, feels original.

ru_ferret said on Sep. 26 '10

Thank you Richard. Updated with the type I'm working with.

pierro said on Sep. 26 '10

Good update! now was beautiful!

lecart said on Sep. 26 '10

i really like the mark and floated and so, i just can help not seeing a broken wing there.

ru_ferret said on Sep. 26 '10

Hey lecart thx, but where's a broken wing?

theartistt said on Sep. 26 '10

I have to agree with lecart. The background wing looks broken. A lot of it is because we want to see perspective and there is none. The background wing would be smaller. It would also have the horizontal bit on the wing. I floated it too, but it is a bit visually unsettling because the wings don't match.

myway999 said on Sep. 26 '10

nice work mate!
though, i would make the eye smaller and also work more on the type. not in love with the express treatment:p

ru_ferret said on Sep. 27 '10

Thank you for your help. I'll try to fix it or may come up with another idea.

vintage_chic said on Sep. 28 '10

@myway999: I kind of agree. I like the type but maybe just leave it regular instead of italicizing it?

gunterschobel said on Sep. 28 '10

Very good

ru_ferret said on Sep. 29 '10

Thank you, I believe the client will approve this idea.

milou said on Sep. 29 '10

Yeh, this one is really cool. Congrats.

ru_ferret said on Sep. 29 '10

Thanks a lot Milosz.

ru_ferret said on Oct. 04 '10

Type updated.

ALL4LEO said on Oct. 04 '10

Smart idea,very nice solution!

ru_ferret said on Oct. 04 '10


ru_ferret said on Mar. 14 '11

The logo is unused. Name, type updated. Would love to hear your thoughts. Thank you! Old here: http://www.dropmocks.com/iSaXZ

AlexWende said on Mar. 14 '11

too bad, it's great work :/

I think it looks a lot stronger with the capital & italic typography, though it could be a bit rounder or with a more uniqe touch :)

ru_ferret said on Mar. 14 '11

To bad for them :-) Nice advice Alex, I will try.

simonfenix said on Mar. 14 '11

Great as usual

diogoseibert said on Mar. 14 '11

try to turn the icon to the right. Then the eagle will be flying to the right, front, positive site. What you think?

diogoseibert said on Mar. 14 '11

Sorry, I just mean the falcon, not eagle. And i mean just the falcon part to turn over, not the whole icon!

Agencija said on Mar. 14 '11

Very nice! simple but so stronG!

vasvari said on Mar. 14 '11

Perfect Nikita!

noblehuman said on Mar. 14 '11

love this! great work!

VikkiV said on Mar. 14 '11

Great work Ru:-)

bitencourt said on Mar. 14 '11

Great work here, man!

ru_ferret said on Mar. 15 '11

Upd. Thank you everyone, special thx to sbdesign! :-)

hamidos said on Mar. 15 '11

great concept.. the symbol is too good

ambar said on Mar. 15 '11

Wow.. this one is good... i like the concept and simplicity..

ru_ferret said on Mar. 15 '11

Thanks muchly!

contrast8 said on Mar. 15 '11

love this logo very much.

pjmaster said on Mar. 15 '11

Clever work Nikita :)

headdow said on Mar. 15 '11

Very God!!!

ru_ferret said on Mar. 15 '11

Thanks friends, I really appreciate your feedback.

brandcolour said on Mar. 16 '11

very NIKE!

ru_ferret said on Mar. 17 '11

^ Haha, thx!

ru_ferret said on Mar. 24 '11

Thanks Lewis :)

sbdesign said on May. 05 '11


ru_ferret said on May. 05 '11

Ph.D candidate :)

sbdesign said on May. 05 '11


ru_ferret said on Sep. 06 '11

Some more spam:) The logo is selected for Logolounge 7 book!

Type and Signs said on Oct. 04 '11

C L A S S Y !

Dan. said on Nov. 28 '11


caion said on Jul. 11 '13

good ;)

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