Union House

by firebrand • Uploaded: Sep. 21 '10
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Description: Identity for an economic development company in the United Arab Emirates.

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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m1sternoname said on Sep. 21 '10

Can comment here though :)

I really like how the Arab style shows very suttle

janzabransky said on Sep. 21 '10

I see chain symbol in UV, too! Great mark.

firebrand said on Sep. 21 '10

Cheers for your comments Floris and Jan.

mfrank said on Sep. 21 '10

nice stuff roy.

janzabransky said on Sep. 21 '10

... sorry I meant UH not UV :)

Lecart said on Sep. 21 '10

good stuff!

nido said on Sep. 21 '10


firebrand said on Sep. 21 '10

Thanks guys. Sorry about the float bug.

JoePrince said on Sep. 21 '10

^Sorry Roy, don't know why that happened. Why is this still happened David?

Nice design btw Roy.

Pierro said on Sep. 21 '10

Impressive, Roy!

nido said on Sep. 21 '10

_Sorry about the float bug._

ahhh... it'll get there soon enough anyway...

siah-design said on Sep. 21 '10

So that's what happened to that client. :) Glad they went with you as you nailed it!

siah-design said on Sep. 21 '10

I should say prospective client - never actually started the project.

bitencourt said on Sep. 21 '10

Strong concept, Roy.

logomotive said on Sep. 21 '10

good job Roy.

Pierro said on Sep. 21 '10

I wish was a real floats!! ;)

oronoz ® said on Sep. 21 '10

Looks great Roy!!

lumavine said on Sep. 21 '10

Float #100!!! Great work!

michaelspitz said on Sep. 21 '10

Great work Roy!

firebrand said on Sep. 21 '10

@siah-design Thanks, mate. Exacting client though. :)

Thanks guys.

sbdesign said on Sep. 21 '10

Great mark!

Pierro said on Sep. 21 '10

David, do you floats problem after a few days to be resolved?

davidbkopp said on Sep. 21 '10

Wow. So compact. Brilliant how the top of the U functions as the upward stem of the h, while conveying a chain link symbolizing unity. Lean lean lean. Well done.

vintage_chic said on Sep. 22 '10

I could have sworn this had over 100 floats this morning now there are 49?? Anyway, awesome logo and brilliant concept. This is definitely something that will stand the test of time!

Lecart said on Sep. 22 '10

^ it's the float bug. would be great if we could get this fixed once and for all.

firebrand said on Sep. 22 '10

Thanks all.

The messages the client wanted to communicate were: Unity, Link (to the nation), Solidity and Familiarity.

pierro said on Sep. 22 '10

All roads leading to David!

Janguru said on Sep. 25 '10

Wonderful peace of work. Love how the letter is hugging itself. Once again, wonderful and creative.

Kliment said on Sep. 27 '10


firebrand said on Sep. 27 '10

Thanks Janguru and Kliment.

advertcom said on Nov. 23 '10

Great work!

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