Nacho Macho

by Oronoz ® • Uploaded: Jul. 20 '10
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Description: Just for fun :)

Status: Just for fun

Commenting: Not seeking critique, comments fine

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Mikeymike said on Jul. 20 '10

fun stuff, oronoz. :) I like it.

koreck said on Jul. 20 '10

lol. Excellent!

dannygdammit said on Jul. 20 '10


logomotive said on Jul. 20 '10

ha ha love the jalapeno stache and nacho. Nice!

nitish.b said on Jul. 20 '10

waiting to munch thesz..:)

andreiu said on Jul. 20 '10

i wonder who has the guts to eat this guy! great work.

Gal said on Jul. 20 '10

It is pleasant. Remarkably.)

AlexWende said on Jul. 21 '10

lol funny, great work!

brandsimplicity said on Jul. 21 '10

Insanely cool!

ebrown said on Jul. 21 '10

looks great nice work.

koma said on Jul. 21 '10

el pendejo peligroso :)

dotflo said on Jul. 21 '10

who else could it be?:)) great work

alterego said on Jul. 21 '10

Mr Alan. You are doing great job ...I love this :)

zibbidy said on Jul. 21 '10

This should be chilly! :D

sbj said on Jul. 21 '10


cerise said on Jul. 21 '10


Chad Sanderson said on Jul. 21 '10

Typical genius! Do something bad for a change Alan.

dado said on Jul. 21 '10

very nice my friend!

donadelli said on Jul. 21 '10

Mucho peligroso. Very nice!

oronoz ® said on Jul. 21 '10

hahahahaha thnxs a lot for all your comments AMIGOS! :D

JMC said on Jul. 21 '10

Hot hot hot!

matjak said on Jul. 21 '10

Awesome!!! Great job : )

javaap said on Jul. 21 '10


birofunk said on Jul. 22 '10

awesome work as usual. when are you starting that logo class ;)

davishama said on Jul. 23 '10

I like this :)

oronoz ® said on Jul. 26 '10

Thnxs a lot guys :)
@Birofunk...maybe some day :) thnxs buddy!!

taulant said on Jul. 27 '10

The character looks really great.

thewebster said on Jul. 28 '10

Great work! Really fun to watch. ... In my mind i saw some pasty cheese that holds everything together like a spiderweb, maybe Cheesy Chico ;)

simpleedge said on Jul. 28 '10

I'd like to say switch nacho and macho.... MACHO NACHO! other than that, looks sweet!

firebrand said on Aug. 06 '10

Another hot one Alan!

ashmenon said on Aug. 13 '10

Hi Oronoz, I've showcased this logo in a blog post of mine: http://www.ashmenon.com/logo-inspiration-1-fun/

I hope that's okay with you, otherwise just let me know.

And yeah, I agree with simpleedge, switch the MACHO and NACHO, and it'd be TWICE AS AWESOME :D The colours are absolutely beautiful.

femili said on Aug. 15 '10


oronoz ® said on Aug. 16 '10

Thnxs a lot for all the nice comments guys!! :)

@ashmenon...of course, my pleasure!
About to switch MACHO and NACHO, I think you right guys In spanish Nacho Macho has more sense that was my mistake. Ill show you the adjustment soon!! :)

bilebo said on Aug. 20 '10

Noo, don't switch! :)
I think it adds to it that it has Spanish grammar.
And it's nachos for crying out loud, not cheese cake! ;)

airtwist said on Dec. 25 '10

iconza brother)))

13mu said on Feb. 23 '11

I like this!!

Oronoz ® said on Mar. 05 '11

@Henric-- Your totally right my man, i will keep it just as it is!! ;)
@airtwist--That`s a good call, but to be honest, I never seen that logo before
@13mu --- Thnxs man!!

AlexWende said on Mar. 05 '11

nacho macho is great, don't switch!

Oronoz ® said on Mar. 05 '11

Cool, Nacho Macho it will be!! :D

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