Mr. Couch

by DesignerAG • Uploaded: Apr. 10 '10
Gallerized Apr. '10 b66ab3761b1dcde4a0c54eacc8ce412f.png

Description: Just an idea. :)

Status: Just for fun

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: comicfunnyfacemenfurinture

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ethereal said on Apr. 10 '10

That IS hilarious! Nice one.

dotflo said on Apr. 10 '10

haha very good

matto said on Apr. 10 '10

Thank you!

rincon said on Apr. 10 '10

jeje, that's funny. good one matto

ru_ferret said on Apr. 10 '10

ouch (:

ALL4LEO said on Apr. 10 '10

superb !!!!!!

Bitencourt said on Apr. 10 '10

Very funny, Matto!

ethereal said on Apr. 10 '10

@ Nikita - Sometimes your comments come off a little cryptic, when you do comment or float, what are you inferring here?

bigoodis said on Apr. 10 '10

niceee :)

ru_ferret said on Apr. 10 '10

ouch = I realy like the eyes/buttons, without a doubt great logo! )

ethereal said on Apr. 10 '10

^ Ah, got ya! Just checking. It is a very nice logo, agreed!

Pierro said on Apr. 10 '10

Very nice concept, congrats :)

matt_yow said on Apr. 10 '10

looks awesome! great idea

michaelspitz said on Apr. 10 '10

HA!! Great.

Mad Skimo said on Apr. 10 '10

nice and funny!

JF said on Apr. 10 '10

Clever! Well-executed.

vintage_chic said on Apr. 10 '10

It's so cute! I have never seen a couch with so much character; great job :D

Mikeymike said on Apr. 10 '10

nice execution in deed. real fun.:)

Still85 said on Apr. 10 '10

wow! great idea!

agingersnaps said on Apr. 10 '10

This is awesome!

Logomania said on Apr. 10 '10

What a vision!!! Well done!!! It is just beautiful...

myway999 said on Apr. 11 '10

great logo!

chrislyle design said on Apr. 11 '10

creative. very well executed.

harvey said on Apr. 11 '10

hehe cute logo here:) great job!

fanego said on Apr. 11 '10

Haha this is brilliant!

tass said on Apr. 11 '10

Cute and amusing!

matto said on Apr. 11 '10

Hehe, thanks to everyone! I'm glad you like it :))

fanhua said on Apr. 11 '10

how lovely

guslavo said on Apr. 11 '10

Great job!! What font is that?

matto said on Apr. 12 '10

Thanks, I appreciate it :)
@guslavo, it is Cocon.

pjmaster said on Apr. 12 '10


Cute and clever :)

oronoz ® said on Apr. 12 '10

hahahaha great idea!!

franzisko777 said on Apr. 13 '10

hahaha liket it, congrats

Dzwonek said on Apr. 14 '10

great one!

SmittenDesign said on Apr. 21 '10

This logo has a personality and I love it.

whatthefrog said on May. 04 '10

haha, clever!

everyendsinred said on May. 05 '10

by far one of my favorites!

birofunk said on May. 05 '10

i somehow managed to miss this one...awesome!

desdecero said on May. 05 '10

Yeah great one..! Congrats...

marnieb said on Aug. 09 '10

Would love to contact you re. a possible project but couldn't seem to get to your site... is the site in your Logopond profile still current?

matto said on Oct. 11 '10

Thanks for the comments :)

salman146 said on Oct. 18 '10

heheh ... gr8 lol

simon™ said on May. 02 '11


nandy said on Nov. 03 '11

I like this

monikagibas said on Feb. 03 '15

so cute!

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